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This Bear’s Been Naughty…

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Wow wow wee wow. You know, this blogging thing is pretty easy. I mean, look at this! My THIRD post in just as many days! My guess is you may be questioning whether or not you like the fact that I am invading your mind so often. Shhhhh! Don’t question! Just let it happen.

Before you start searching for Janet, hoping she’ll save you by posting something cute or by banishing me, you should know she’s at a conference in the City of Sin for the next few days. It’s probably why I’m in here writing about random things all willy-nilly. Just bear with it for a few days and breathe your sigh of relief when Janet gets back.

Speaking of bears (see what I did there? so clever.), I’d like to bring your attention to an upcoming game titled Naughty Bear, brought to us by 505 Games and Artificial Mind and Movement. Slated for the PS3 and Xbox 360, it is about a scorned teddy bear going rogue and subsequently terrorizing the other teddy bears. Sounds like just the kind of sick and twisted premise that we here at MTFB love to revel in right? Right! And since this blog is about More Than (a) Food (Blog), I think it’s high time we got the “More Than” in here.

Here’s the first trailer, pretty tame:

Aaaaaaand here’s the second:

Brilliant. Dark. Twisted. Cute. We have so many things in common, this game and I. It is set to drop some time this year, but I recall seeing somewhere that it may even be the first or second quarter of 2010Twenty-dime.” If all this isn’t enough to get you interested, let me hit you with this screenshot from the comment section of this post over at Kotaku, where bear puns were running rampant. I’ve (poorly, using MS Paint, no access AGAIN to Photoshop) circled and underlined the more important parts if you don’t get it the first time around.

It’s an intersection of video games, making fun of bears, and the social phenomenon known as Cougars. What more could you want?

If you’re looking for a way to not so subtly get out your anger at when your kids or siblings leave their toys around or if you have been waiting for something like this to express and channel your rage at your poor toy selection as a child, keep an eye out for Naughty Bear, he might be just what you need.

Foodie Fight

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

The Pikachu necklace is what I got in our white elephant game.

For X-mas (my mom calls it “X-day” which I love for its sacrilege) Simon got me this board game – FOODIE FIGHT! Thanks, Simon!

The boards are the most stylish thing I’ve ever seen; so too is the golden bag that holds all the plate shards. Lovely.

Tinx and I played the other night. It is difficult.

A question I got right: Who is The Man Who Ate Everything? [Jeffery Steingarten, my favorite food writer and grumpasaur-extraordinaire from Iron Chef America]

A question I got wrong: How many bubbles does a glass of champagne have? [49 million]

I beat Tinx by 3 points. Then she got mad at me for putting “Janet beat Tinx at Foodie Fight” as my Facebook status. So I should publicly apologize for gloating for being a super foodie master queen princess genius winner and note that she was super sick and cold-medicined-out, though that’s no excuse for not knowing what “prix fixe” means.