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Tweet is back!

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Remember Tweet? R&B artist who produced this song?

She was also getting her hair “did” in Missy Elliot’s Work It music video. Yeah, her. Anyway, she has nothing to do with this post. I have no idea if she’s back or not. But I am!

Here I am a whole four months ahead of schedule, so I guess if you took me up on my bet that you would have a baby before the next time I posted, well, I think you just lost.

On to the business at hand, keeping it short and tweet (ooooo, see what I did there? Lulz):  Janet and I have finally worked out the kinks and administrative junk with our twitter accounts, so I thought I’d put up an updated post with the appropriate linkage.

Alas, the victim here is the short-lived @NomYerFace, which Janet dumped unceremoniously for the sexier and younger @MTFBinSF. Here’s a pretty button to click if you don’t like plain old links:

Follow MTFBinSF on Twitter

More good news! I’ve taken on @MTFBinLA so as to tweet the good stuff in Los Angeles AS IT HAPPENS. Amazing right? Janet’s and my chirping together should be that hit you SF and LA addicts need to tide you over until dinner. You can follow me (please?) individually by clicking on this equally handsome button:

Follow MTFBinLA on Twitter

Aaaaaand for those Twitter savvy folks who are saying, Why not just make a list with these two in it? We’ve got you covered too. The widget at the top right will update with both accounts for your viewing pleasure. And if you just want to add a list to your apps on your smart phones, here’s the final linkage for that (sorry, no pretty button) More Than A Food Blog.

That’s it for this one folks. Don’t hold your breath for the next post from me, it probably won’t come out before you exhale or pass out. Just sayin.

I prefer the term chirp

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Hola peeps.   (My first & last bird pun, don’t worry)

Now I’ll have you know I was on Twitter before anyone else was.  You can tell because some of my old tweets are very dated.

As evidenced by such tweets as (note the YEAR please people):

Done with Harry Potter…forever! WAAAAAAAAAA 10:25 PM Jul 29th, 2007 from web

[on day of Nevada primary when I was in Vegas] Woke up too late for my Obama Mama t-shirt to do anything. 🙁 1:09 PM Jan 19th, 2008 from PocketTweets

I was in a seminar today when Graft vs. Host Disease came up. I looked around and I was the only one giggling. Guess I was the only AD fan. 6:43 PM Nov 14th, 2007 from web

Tweets along clumsy/food themes:

Just dropped a bowl of corn on the ground. It looks like I murdered someone with corn for blood. 10:37 PM Sep 23rd, 2007 from web

I literally slipped on a banana peel left on the ground! Lulz 9:07 PM Jan 16th, 2008 from PocketTweets

WINTERMELON. Much yummier than hamster poo, which is what Cheeto is eating.11:26 PM Feb 28th, 2008 from web

Anyway, after it overtook my life I had to tear out the thingie like I’m an avatar Na’avi thing with a ponytail thingie from Twitter.

Fast forward now to 2010, when Daniel suggested we put it on MTFB, and so here we are.  If you fear change, DON’T look up in the right corner.

Oh, also, mtfb was taken, and morethanafoodblog is too long, so we went with… nomyerface. Enjoi~!

I’m totally trying this

Monday, August 24th, 2009

English muffies made from scratch and tortellini with creme fraiche and spinach, all made in your hotel room. Jean-yes!

Guinness Book Cuppycake

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

You may have noticed the new design theme on MTFB, courtesy of Daniel (thnx!) precipitated by a server crash on DJ Deer’s end, who had designed its predecessor, the cute diner theme (thnx!).  Note too the cute cupcake icon in the URL field up above~!

In line with this theme, there is a new Guinness Book world record for biggest cupcake.  It was 1,224 pounds, made in Detroit (who says Detroit is a dying town??!) from 800 pounds of eggs, sugar, flour, and butter, and staggers under the weight of more than 200 pounds of icing.  Not sure how that adds up to 1,224, but maybe magic happened in the oven, which is originally designed, by the way, to cook airplane wings (…nom?).

Yes, those are boob ribbons on top – proceeds went to Komen.

My favorite part of this story is how the creator, Ryan Abood, talks some extreme shit on the last world record holder cupcake of 150 pounds, calling it a “crumb.”  Hahahaha.

I Do My Civic Duty: Starwatch on EaterLA

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

A couple days ago I was eating at Shin, a Korean BBQ place getting some chatter here and there.  The post is forthcoming (SPOILER ALERT!  It was good.) but we were sitting near a certain “celebrity” and I reported it to Eater LA‘s Starwatch.  They reluctantly posted my sighting (and a mini-review that I snuck in there! victory!) and now I feel all sorts of famous myself…

Read Starwatch on EaterLA here~!

I am Asian

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

I don’t understand any of what’s going on. When I go to McDonald’s website, I am given the option to click on “Fun” and then, to click on i-am-asian.

For some reason this takes me to a Flash site of a room, presumably of a girly Asian person. This whole game is so, like, racist that I can’t believe it! Things in the room:

1. An origami crane mobile
2. A paper lampshade
3. A…pig? Which you mouse over and it says, “Year of the PIG! Year of the PIG!”
4. A fucking boba poster

WTF? I am more than my cute girly-ness and just cuz I’m Asian that DOESN’T MEAN I LIKE BOBAAAAA!

…except I do. And I adore pigs.

BUT STILL! I don’t even know how to fold an origami crane! And Japanese isn’t one of the language choices when I click on the remotes! Boo McDonald’s faces!

I don’t know what to feel right now. Outraged? Giggly because they straight got me? How about confused? I’ll stick with confused.

New Year’s Resolution #2: CHECK

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

My New Year’s Resolution #2 was to get something of mine onto Tastespotting. I sorted through my best food porn and submitted a buncha shit way back, and have eagerly been waiting for it to appear ever since, with no success! Poo!

But it’s so ambiguous! Is it because (a) they have SO many submissions that they still haven’t gotten to mine? (b) my photos are not good enough? or (c) I messed up somehow in the submission process and they lost the photos?

Since it is now four months after I submitted my original batch, I’m going to say that Option (a) is unlikely. Option (b) is SURELY unthinkable (mew). So I have been clinging to Option (c).

Well, now I know for sure that it wasn’t Option (a) since I gathered up my courage and submitted another photo last night, and here it is on Tastespotting this morning! Woot! Check off resolution #2! Time to go celebrate with a decadent meal.

Special thanks to Simon for sending me the screenshot, even if he is a loser Explorer user.

Millimeters/Millimetres Matter

Friday, May 4th, 2007

Are bugs cute? No. But they are cute when they get hit in the face with miniature pies. They’re all “OW! Motherfuckers! Where did that come from?” [in smaller voice] “Lick, lick. Mmmmmmmm.” [in even smaller voice] “But still. Motherfuckers.”

[by way of Geekologie, my new favorite blog that’s not Shots Ring Out]

Food Porn 101: Tastespotting

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

I’m traveling for a bit; sorry to be MIA. There was a bit of a bento backlash last time I tried to offer alternative sites to visit during my absence, but I’m 100% positive everyone will love Close-up, glisteny photos of moist delicacies; photos of luscious creams, pies, and…chocolate hedgehogs? Oooh, la la~!

CM featured on The Delicious Life

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

One of my favorite Delicious Life photos.

My favorite food blog (that isn’t ConsumerMachine or Hungryroo) is The Delicious Life, written by fellow cute Asian-chick Sarah. Sharisa (of Hungryroo) was the one who first turned me on to The Delicious Life, and it’s been happy times ever since.

DL’s Sarah is like the big ((Big sis not cuz she’s older or bigger, but because she’s wiser and has a way better blog than I do with better photos and daily updates.)) sister that I never had but always wanted ((Sarah, if you read this please do not be creeped out.)). She’s Asian, we’re semi-neighbors (her Brentwood to my Santa Monica), she writes reaaallly long novella-esque posts like me, and she has a somewhat naughty sense of humor.

For example, DL’s Seventh Annual Dine & Dish, in which several of my very own CM posts were featured! D&D ((I realize after looking closely that I D&D-ed a little bit incorrectly, since I didn’t really reference “Like a Virgin” in my post. Oops. Well, there is always next year.)) is “an online food blogger event in which bloggers take a month to dine out. Then on a given day, everyone posts their experiences on their blogs, and shortly thereafter, a deliciously juicy dishing session of everyone’s adventures gets posted.” This year’s theme was “Like a Virgin,” and the final post was titled “Did it Hurt? Just a Little.” I freaking love it.

So head on over, and kill lots of time reading while I go on my short business trip to DC. I plan to post from there, but in case internet doesn’t work out, I’m leaving you in her (and James’) capable hands.