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MTFB turns 3?!

Monday, September 5th, 2011

I have been absent from MTFB a long time, due to the hugeness of this move across the country. The actual act of moving was a helluva drive through: Reno (which was too sad to even make fun of…depressing), Salt Lake City (where I tracked down and had some scotch just to feel rebellious), Denver (where I officially logged the longest wait time for a reservation-ed table – 2 hours), Mount Rushmore (where I attempted to start a movement to put Obama’s face next to Lincoln’s – there is TOTALLY room), the Badlands (looked like most of Nevada, but worth it just to go to Wall Drug), Omaha (where we stayed in the most lavish two-story suite because there were no other rooms in the city – on a TUESDAY!?), Chicago (right in time for Obama’s 50th hatchday!), Pittsburgh (where in addition to nomming I went jogging with an 8-month+ preggers Sharisa how does she do it), State College, my old hometown (where I drove by my old house and were stared down by a naked man glaring at us from the 2nd floor window), and finally, to New Brunswick, into the pink house that we will be living in for a year.

It’s true what they say about New Jersey citizens, though. They are annoying and SO NOSY!

But cute.

Happy Hatch Day MTFB. May you be less neglected in your third year.