Turkules, we hardly knew ye

by janet on July 20th, 2009

I guess I didn’t learn my lesson from my last fucking fair fish.  Simon coerced me into going to the OC Fair (posts forthcoming if that mofo ever emails me the pictures), and Christopher had been wanting something alive to hang out with in his apartment, so I thought that the perfect solution to everything was to get another fair goldfish.

I shelled out the buckaroos for 10 game tickets and popped that motherfucking pingpong ball right into the bowl.  Win!

I asked for a purple fish tank, but the fish contained inside the purple one was fug.  So I rejected him/her/it and asked for another one.  The resulting fish was the above-pictured Turkules.

Turkules was so named because, following in the tradition of Fryloaf/Cheeto and Skittles, he needed a food name, ideally related to the fair.  At this fair I had had, among a billion other foodstuffs, a turkey leg.  We also paid a buck to take a gander at Hercules, the really big horse (I think his real tagline was more magnificent but I can’t remember it now):

Hercules was a sad ol’ horse, despite the fact that he stood at 6’6” and weighed 3045 pounds.  He could only stand diagonally in his cage, because he didn’t fit any other way, and his rein was barely long enough to munch on his enticing grass pile.  Sadded.

Anyway, this is about to be one hell of a sad post.

Anyway anyway, Turkey leg + Hercules = Turkules.  It’s so much name for such a little fish.  Perhaps it was too big of a burden to bear?

I’m sure you know how this ends.  With a horrible and horribly blurry text message from Christopher, not one week after little Turk came home (and after several misinformed days with emails from C saying things like “Turk is gaining strength and is swimming vertically”), Turkules went to the big blue fishbowl in the sky…

Turkules, you will be missed?  Not like I cried over Skittles, though…

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