TJ’s Pita Chips

by janet on November 7th, 2006

Debbie has been hosting girls’ night all summer and fall [thanks, Debbie!] and she always serves these damn cinnamon and sugar pita chips from Trader Joe’s. I am a sweet-hater so I avoided them the first couple of times, but one week I was sooo hungry and couldn’t wait for our delivery so I reluctantly ate one. WOW! It could have been the low blood sugar and extreme hunger, but they were fucking delicious! Even without butter, they tasted buttery, and the crunchiness of the chips was heightened by the crunchy sugar grains. The cinnamon wasn’t your usual cinnamon, but more on the ginger-ey side of cinnamon, of which I totally approved. Good work Debbie, TJ’s. Next, I squished a strawberry on top of one and popped the whole thing into my mouth. Even more delicious! You must try it.


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  1. Debbie says:

    These chips totally rock!! The Parmesan, garlic, & herb ones from TJ’s are also quite delicious (they come in a green bag). Sometimes on busy days at work I will eat a half a bag of the garlicky ones for lunch, followed by a half a bag of the cinnamon & sugar ones for dessert…for real…I’m not kidding. It’s actually the perfect “working” lunch if you think about it — savory and sweet, satisfyingly crunchy, no utensils required and no greasy fingers, and at least one hand is always free to be getting work done 🙂 I heart carbs!

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