Blanca’s Tamales

by janet on November 12th, 2006

I was heading home after a long day when I heard someone shouting my name. I turned my head and saw Rosie, the 1st – 3rd floor janitress. She was yelling something about “Blanca” and “tamales” and I headed back into the lobby to investigate. Rosie said, “Blanca’s selling tamales! You should buy some!” I looked, and there was Blanca, the 4th – 6th floor janitress (who is actually the one assigned to do my office) with an Igloo cooler, all set up at one of the lobby tables.

I walked up and she said, “Hallooo Yanayyyyy” and I looked at her steaming pile of foil-wrapped tamales. I asked how much they were, and she said “two dollars,” and Rosie jumped in and said, “They are delicious! You must buy a hundred!” I’m not sure why Rosie was acting as Blanca’s tamale pimp, but no matter. I bought two and gave her a five and told her to keep the change. I would have bought more but Blanca is very vigilant about my weight and comments whenever I gain anything by saying, “Yanay, you FAT!!!”

I brought the tamales to girls’ night the following day. We reheated them in the oven (Sharisa has no microwave?!) and we tentatively dug in. They were delicious! I’ve never had tamales like this – on top of the chicken they had peas and potatoes and carrots! What a delicious trio – yum yum. I’ll have to keep my eye out for more of Blanca’s black market tamales.

*Update: Today is Monday, November 13th, and Blanca just hand-delivered more tamales to my office. I guess this means she is expecting me to buy tamales from her every week until the end of time. Sigh.

Blanca’s Tamales
Lobby, Franz Hall
Phone: None
Hours: ?????

3 Responses to “Blanca’s Tamales”

  1. Simon says:

    having just had one of these tamales for lunch, i’d like to put a standing order of 2 for whenever your crack dealer drops by.

    while the tamale didn’t wow me or make me in awe of blanca’s skills, it was still delicious and reminiscent of a solid serving of good ol’ home cooked food for your soul.

    and that’s not because i compared it to the lean cuisine i had for lunch yesterday.

    Maybe you should make her a logo – take blanka from street fighter and photoshop one of her tamales into his mouth. it’s genius.

  2. DJ Deer says:

    haha. dude, my house cleaner made me tamales once… so good. there is nothing better than tamales from scratch. its making me hungry… are you doing a playstaion article? that might make for an interesting entry 🙂

  3. sylvia olvera says:

    I’m looking to buy a machine to make tamales do you have any idea??????

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