Beard Papa’s: So Fresh and So Cream Cream

by janet on November 20th, 2006

Much has been written about Beard Papa’s. The funnily-named store sells cream puffs that they claim are “The World’s Best” and I’m inclined to agree.

BP’s, like all things deliciously Japanese, is located in the Sawtelle and Olympic section of West LA. (There’s also one in Hollywood and Highland, and a couple other places.) It’s in the shopping center that has Nijiya and Karaoke Yuu Yuu. It is staffed by cute Japanese girls that I swear they imported straight from Japan. I was quite thrown when my chick didn’t giggle with her mouth covered while taking my order.

BP has three normal flavors – regular (vanilla), chocolate, and green tea. The purist in me advises you to always get the vanilla since the classic taste is just perfect, and plus I’m a choco-hater. It’s hard to go wrong with pastry-plus-cream, but BP’s stands a head above the rest (which I’m not sure what “the rest” is, since BP seems to have cornered the market on cream puff specialty stores). As soon as you place your order, Mika or Sachiko or whomever chirps your order to her pal, who takes a fresh puff and injects it with tons of luscious, smooth, sweet cream (oh, my).

Today they had a special seasonal flavor of pumpkin cream. Yum! I ordered one, and my trusty pal Simon did the same. “Pumpkin” with a Japanese accent is particularly adorable: “Pum-poo-keen.”

WARNING: Don’t wait to eat your cream puff. You have it in your hand already, so just fucking eat it is what I say. These puffs are perfectly sublime if you eat them immediately and only OK if you wait. (The box, should you choose to take some home, also has a scary label that says something like, “REFRIGERATE IMMEDIATELY! DO NOT EAT AFTER 24 HOURS!!!!”) A fresh BP cream puff has a light, sliiiightly crispy puff that surrounds a heap of custard cream on the inside. Many folks say that there is too much cream on the inside, and I can see that, but the oozing mounds of cream just make for a totally decadent experience.


The pumpkin was OK, though not pumpkin-ey enough to make me take notice. I think I prefer the regular cream, which is just so freaking satisfying and silky. I cannot WAIT to get their new seasonal flavor of marron (that’s chestnut for non Mont-Blanc-ophiles), my favorite cake topping. Mmmmm. Sharisa (who introduced me to BP’s), let’s go again with your newly fixed camera!! Beard Papa’s Mamas Unite!

Beard Papa’s
2130 Sawtelle Blvd. Suite #110
Los Angeles, CA 90025
310 479 6665

4 Responses to “Beard Papa’s: So Fresh and So Cream Cream”

  1. simon says:

    ah yes, i remember that night well… i remember inhaling the cinnamon sugar mixture that was sprinkled on top, and immediately getting hit with a coughing attack. i also remember being dumb enough to do it each time i bit into the delectable pastry. still, every little bit was worth it, as evidenced by my wanting to go back most days just to load up on many of the tasty buggers.

  2. carissa says:

    yummmm. the only problem with beard papa cream puffs is they are so delectably messy, you have to eat them quickly as the creamy filling oozes all over your hands and napkins and smiling papa face on the paper bag, and then before you know it…all gone.

  3. sylvia says:

    you know beard papa is chanto from japan? They opened one at Musashi-sakai a couple of years before I graduated high school.

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