Wolfgang Puck Express: The Soup Scoop

by janet on November 22nd, 2006

One of James’ favorite weekend lunch spots is Wolfgang Puck Express. Although going to the Promenade on a weekend can be a little bit hairy, the presence of the Apple Store and WPE makes the trip up Lincoln worth it.

James loves WPE for their Chicken Aioli sammy (sliced chicken breast, melted provolone cheese, romaine lettuce, tomato [hold the tomato for James], red onion, and cilantro aioli served on oven-baked bread and homemade potato chips) and their caesar salad, I adore WPE for the soup. Soup is quickly becoming my favorite genré of foods. While several years ago I just didn’t get the Soup Nazi episode (starring everyone’s favorite upside-down-fork-ass Kraemer), now I am looking up domain names like www.soupscoop.com (still available!) in my spare time for a soup-only blog.

Normally I get one of WPE’s soups (either butternut squash or tortilla) and then reluctantly and perfunctorily order some other something (BBQ Chicken Pizza, I guess) that I end up neglecting in favor of the soup. Today I decided to break out of the mold and just have soup for lunch. Both soups.

Brilliant! How did I not think of this before? Soup rules, and both soups at $2.95 each are still cheaper than the cheapest real meal at $6.45!

First off, the butternut squash soup. Like Feast from the East’s chinese chicken salad dressing, or any Indian restaurant’s chicken tikka masala, there are certain dishes that a restaurant has perfected. This soup is Wolfgang’s claim to fame and I fucking love it. It is soo smooth, beautiful with the red pepper swirl (which you can actually taste and adds to the flavor) and festive green chive confetti (my words – Wolfgang clearly does not have a command of the English language). This soup is thick and sweet and a must-order. Perhaps a little too sweet this particular day, but as a person who thinks soy sauce could use a little salt, it is probably perfect for most discerning restaurant-goers.

It seems the CM team has an obsession with tortilla soup, and after re-visiting this one I must re-work my previous ranking as follows: 1. Wolfgang Puck Express; 2. El Torito; 3. Piknic; and 4. El Cholo. What sets Wolfgang’s soup apart is the delightful dollop (goddamnit now I have that stinking “Dollop of Daisyyyyy’s / A dollop of Daisyyyy’s” jingle in my head) of goat cheese kept afloat by the thankfully crispy tortilla strips. I guess authentic tortilla soup would tend toward cojita cheese but the goat cheese in this soup seems so intuitively perfect that the other soups seem kind of off for not using goat cheese.

Well played, Wolfgang. Perhaps I shall buy some of your knives from HSN, even if I can’t understand what you’re saying.

1315 Third Street Promenade (2nd level; watch out for aggressive pigeons)
Santa Monica, CA 90401
310 576 4770

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