Service Included [not of the sexual type]

by janet on September 1st, 2009

Of the four food books I’m currently in the middle of (this one, Omnivore’s Dilemma, Art of Eating, and Best Food Writing 2008), Service Included by Phoebe Damrosch is by far (a) the most beach-friendly, (b) finishable in any way, and (c) raunchy.

Take, for instance, this choice quote (found on page 179):

“My friend has just told me the most incredible thing. Don’t be shocked.”

I brace myself.

“Apparently the new thing is to shit in a condom, freeze it, and use it as a dildo!”

Hmmm.  Perhaps I spoke too soon with the “[not of the sexual type]” subheading…

But seriously, NO, this is not mediation on the kink industry, nor is the writing in any way, shape, or form, uncouth or uncivilized.  It is an exposé of sorts of the world of service “captains” in THE Thomas Keller’s New York restaurant, Per Se.  It covers Phoebe Damrosch’s journey from waitress in a crappy restaurant to the only female captain at Per Se.  It’s a riveting little book that lets you see how fucking crazy-genius TK (as they call him) and his obsession with food and service is.

Seriously, this book is great fun, and it took me about three hours to get through it – easy breezy writing and a definite must read for foodies.

Other interesting notables (but not so many that you won’t enjoy reading it):

-A description of the astonishing MONTH of training before she hit the floor…

-…which included an eighteenth-century dance lesson. [a hilarious recounting]

-Phoebe’s adventures as the “other woman” in a hott Per Se incestuous romance

-Did I already mention the shit dildo?

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