Dottie’s True Blue Cafe: Tenderline Part I

by janet on October 12th, 2009

It all began with Sharisa, really.  I mean, EVERYTHING.  I blatantly copied her idea to do a food blog, and when I didn’t know what to write in said food blog I went to restaurants that were her recommendation.  She showed up one day in tights and those half-bootie shoes and I now own a pair.  She wore a T-bags dress to her birthday party years ago and now I find my closet lined with many of my own.  I even caught myself at a COPING conference last month (her research area) when I had sworn that coping research was boring and I would never have anything to do with it.

Point being, if Sharisa says, during a visit to SF, “Let’s wait in line for two hours in the misty rain to eat at a random joint” then I say, with nary a pause, “OK!!”  When she next says, “Did I mention it’s in the Tenderloin?” I reply, also instantly and perhaps a bit hysterically, “I LOVE the Tenderloin!”

Dottie’s is a tiny speck of a restaurant that probably seats 20 on a good day if you don’t really like your knees.  I just saw the “Good for groups: No.” on Yelp and laughed, because that is an exquisite understatement.

I love kittehs as much as the next ICHC lover, but the salt and pepper shakers pictured top are horrifying, aren’t they?  They had holes on their backs so it’s not like the granules come out of that scary robotlike maw.  I don’t get it, and I’m a little bit scared again just looking at the photo.

Sharisa got pancakes and a mountain of liquids (coffee, water, mimosa) as is her regular order, apparently.  Her pancakes (buttermilk spiced with ginger and cinnamon) were made out of whole wheat and thus exceedingly chewy in the most pleasurable way, even when saturated with syrup.  Totally elicited the “double mmm” from me: Chomp.  “Mmmm.”  Pause.  “MMMMM!”

All of the specials sounded astoundingly good, and I had spent a good deal of time gently and skillfully  steering our friend Nori away from what I wanted to order and towards some other egg special.  I remember thinking “I better write down what is in this since it’s a special and I won’t be able to find it online to recreate it later.”  So I just checked my Notes in my iPhone, and this is what it says: sweet potatio.

Masterful journalism, Janet.  Also – excellent spelling skills.

OK, so using my memory, the special that so enticed me I believe was a sweet “potatio” tart with goat cheese and bacon, served with salad greens, two eggs any way (I chose over-medium) and handmade biscuits.  It was hearty and good, though the entire thing, from the tart (where I spied no goat cheese; perhaps they meant cheddar?) to the biscuits to even the butter that I slathered on them needed more-than-several dashes from the wretched kitty salt shaker.  Oh, and the biscuits could have used just five more minutes in the oven.  And the whole shebang needed more bacon, of course.  As it was, the plate felt like a giant thingie of undercooked, underseasoned starch.

It’s my fault, of course, for not copying Sharisa to a T.  I’ll never make that mistake again, as you’ll see in the upcoming Saigon Sandwich: Tenderline Part II.  Stay tuned.

Dottie’s True Blue Cafe
522 Jones St, San Francisco 94102

4 Responses to “Dottie’s True Blue Cafe: Tenderline Part I”

  1. Kim says:

    Dude, this place was totally on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Guy Fieri made it look so good. I maybe will have to go to this scary Tenderloin place to try it 😉

  2. janet says:

    REALLY!?! They had a visit from the Great Spiky One? 😀

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  4. tomcat says:

    The descriptions of Dottie’s dishes always sound so great, but I found the food tends to disappoint. My theory is that Dottie’s, like Mama’s, has a bunch of tempting sweet pastries ‘n breads that can de-tune one’s tastebuds for the meal. Last time I skipped the sweet stuff, lowered my expectations, and enjoyed brunch appropriately.

    Still, the wait is more worthwhile at nearby Brenda’s, even when the service is rude. But I might be biased bc I love southern cooking. Mmmm… Grits.

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