by janet on October 26th, 2009

Beets just came in my CSA box and so I’m roasting them in an amateurish way, which is to say I threw them in with some olive oil into the oven and am hoping for the best.  I’m apathetic because there is no way that anything I make with these beets will be anywhere near the sublimeness (sublimity?) (sublimaliciousness?) of the beet salad I had at Jovino in Cow Hollow – I can safely say it is the best beet salad I have ever eaten (on this one issue of beets, only, Obama can SUCK IT OBAMA!)

Greens, candied walnuts and pistachios, goat cheese roasted beets, fennel, and FENNEL POLLEN!  I tried to taste just the pollen, but on my fork came, serendipitously, a tiny dollop of goat cheese too.  These two items together were pure divinity (divine-ness?) (divinaliciousness?).  I think it would make an awesomely easy but foodie-ey appetizer to serve crostini under goat cheese with fennel pollen dusted on top.

The salad itself hit that perfect textural note of extreme crunch + creamy.  I mean it when I say extreme due to the nuts and fennel – a meaty and watery crunch, respectively.  Just awesome.

We also got the pulled pork sandwich which I think was a special.  The bread up above looks dry but it wasn’t.  The pork looks dry and was.  A little.  But the halo of love carried over from the salad and so really, they could do no wrong here.  It came with appropriately unhealthy kettle chips and was the perfect item to share.

Jovino also calls itself a wine bar and has $9 dinner specials, so I must go back one time after the sun has set.  The existence of Cow Hollow is great, because if you take a verry loose definition of Cow Hollow, then I live in Cow Hollow, which is slightly less douchey than the Marina and something I’m willing to confess to strangers who won’t love me no matter what.

2184 Union Street
San Francisco, CA, 94123

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