Let’s Be Frank, and Yes, You Can Still Be Garth

by janet on September 14th, 2009

Some food trends I’ve noticed: local & organic; gourmet diner food; Indian spices where they shouldn’t belong; grass-fed beef.

An internet trend I’ve noticed: lazy bloggers using haiku when they don’t want to put in the energy to write anything entertaining.

Let’s combine alllll of these things together:

Ode to Let’s Be Frank – a haiku

Yummy grass-fed beef
Totally addictive sauce
Let’s Be Frank hot dog

The hot dog in question is the regular beef hot dog.  They say: These snappy dogs are loaded with flavor, not junk! Using premium cuts from cattle raised on pasture in California (naturally high in healthy Omega 3 fatty acids!) and organic spices, we’ve crafted a delicious dog that’s lower in fat, calories and sodium than conventional franks. No nitrites, nitrates, hormones, or antibiotics, ever.

No, I KNOW.  I know you are thinking, “OK, love the snooty description, but how great could it really be? And PS?  We are SO over Kobe beef sliders and other shit like that so you can stick your pasturey hot dog up your ass.”  I know you are thinking this because that was what I was thinking. But this hot dog is…simply astonishing.  I’ve had two in two weeks!

First of all – the bread!  It deserves a haiku of its own:

Ode to Let’s Be Frank hot dog bun – a haiku

Let’s Be Frank dog bun
Piping hot and chewy too
Really nice mouthfeel

The component of the dog that hooks you under the armpits and drags you into addiction land are the condiments.  Most notably, the Diablo Sauce - Who knew the traditional spices of Mumbai: spicy peppers, garlic, ginger, and an array of hand-toasted spices, would complement a frank so well? But this diabolically delicious sauce, made with organic California-grown peppers, isn’t only delicious on dogs-check our Recipes page for ideas!

Ode to Let’s Be Frank Diablo Sauce – a haiku

Oh Diablo Sauce
Spicy, sweet, and tangy too
Indian-ey nom

Let’s Be Frank
3318 Steiner St. [other locations too!]
San Francisco, CA 94123

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