2006: Top Ten ConsumerMachine Posts

by janet on January 1st, 2007

[In Borat voice] “Wowie wow!” It’s 2007! Time to look back on CM’s favorite posts of last year. In kind-of-reverse-chronological-order:

Opus. The best meal of the year (perhaps my life) certainly deserves a spot at the top of this list.

Pinkberry. Notable excerpt: “In fact, this night ended with DJ Deer holding up his yogurt into the air and shouting, ‘Anyone want some fish yogurt? Anyone?'”

Vodka Gummy Worms. People seemed very disgusted with this picture, which is appropriate since people tend to be very disgusted when they eat the actual thing as well.

Olympic Spa: Supah Spa. Nothing like getting your crotch scraped down by a middle-aged Korean mama in black lingerie. Also nothing like a heated floor made especially for napping!

My five-part series on my shenanigans at the LA County Fair. I ate eighteen different dishes, sampled five different wines and six different beers, and saw some of the cutest lil’ piglets and puppies. What a banner day.

Neckface: The Night After Halloween. James’ review and photos of Neckface’s exhibit at the New Image Art Gallery. Featured: monsters in tighty whiteys that were, ironically, black, and monster fetuses hanging by their necks.

Victoria’s C-face. An expose of the time I spent working at a certain ubiquitous lingerie store. Highlighted: customers on crack who stole stuff; credit card conspiracies; mind-numbing panty tables.

Skittles Watch 2006: Death of Cheeto. The story of the beloved fish Skittles, rescued from the LA County Fair. Relive the saga of the death of Cheeto, the building of Skittles’ new home, and the dreaded BLACK SMUDGE!

Social (Hollywood): Kobe Sliders. James’ favorite burgers (so far) on his burger quest! These little sliders were absolute things of beauty; perfectly crafted and utterly delicious. Nicely done.

iMac Core Duo Video Problems (aka the Front Row problem). The post that started it all. Also the most famous post on CM ever, garnering all sorts of attention on the interweb. I’m sure people following links to our site now are mighty confused.

Thank you to everyone for reading CM last year, and thanks for commenting. Cheers to many happy and delicious meals in the year ahead!


3 Responses to “2006: Top Ten ConsumerMachine Posts”

  1. Simon says:

    Since I’m partially involved in at least 4 of those posts, i felt that i should add in the 3 things i always enjoy reading:

    -the entire LA County fair, but specifically the saving of Captain and Coke and the quest for Fryloaf (the fish and the food!)

    -your text message convo with james from the skittles watch post

    -the vodka gummy worm post, because it reminds me of the huge mistake of mass producing them. and how the entire bowl became a giant vodka gummy shot.

    cheers, and here’s to a successful (and tasty) 2007 for CM!

  2. janet says:

    Simon, you deserve some sort of trophy for being the most faithful CM reader ever. Here it is:


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