Gold Mountain Dim Sum

by janet on January 8th, 2010

I’m sitting here in LA with Tinx and her new kittykins named Buttons, who is currently high-fiving my foot, which is making me remember that I still haven’t blogged Gold Mountain – a dim sum joint that Tinx and I went to while she was visiting.

Wanna picture of Buttons?  I know you do.  Here:

One of my faves.  <3 u Buttins.

Anyway, all I wanted was dim sum but the kind with the carts.  That narrows it down a lot in SF, despite its ginormous Chinatown.  The best rated was Gold Mountain, so that’s where we went.

With my deathly crustacean allergy, dim sum is like playing Russian Roulette with shrimp-shaped bullets.  They lurk everywhere, even when not visible as in the above picture.

My favorite is below – char siu pork bun.  It is sweet, BBQey goodness inside a softer-than-your-pillow bun.

Ok, well now fast forward to two months later, where I am no longer in LA but Tinx is coming up tonight to visit me, renewedly reminding me to finish this fucking post already.

Below is a picture of mango pudding – also off limits to hyper-allergenic Janet.  WTF, why did we order so much shit that I couldn’t eat?  Hate you.  Before, when I wasn’t allergic to mangoes (and lychees!  TRAGIC!), it was my favorite thing out of everything I ate when I visited Hong Kong.  So I was salivating as Tinx slurped away at her dessert.

We also ordere- ahh who am I kidding.  This post is just a thinly-veiled excuse for posting pictures of Buttonia, which is much more interesting anyway:

I love this one cuz you can see her one ginger paw <3

HINT: This is a great one to put as your iPhone background.



Imma nuzzle the fuck outta that neck, Buttons.

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