My CSA Box

by janet on October 7th, 2009

…I slowly crept up the stairs, and stuck my head around the corner…

THERE IT WAS!  My CSA box, hanging out in front of my door, delivered to me directly by the farmers at!

Exciting exciting exciting.  For a mere $23 a box (for a small), I get fresh and organic fruits and veggies to do with whatever my heart desires!

Now that the box had actually shown up, I was weirdly at a loss.  I looked to my box for guidance.

OHHH OK!  Got it!

I quickly opened up the box to check out the loot.

A lot of people complain about CSA boxes because they get a box full of obscure veggies like rutabaga and beets.  I say bring it on!  But I was apprehensive, all the same.

Nothing obscure!  (kinda disappointed)  In my box were:

Valencia oranges (1.5 lb)
Gala apples (1.5 lb)
Sweet peppers (1 lb)
Heirloom tomatoes (1.5 lb)
Romaine lettuce (1 head)
Italian parsley (1 bunch)
Yellow onions (2 lb)
Russet potatoes (2 lb)

So, what to make? I decided to sauté the onions and peppers in olive oil with some chopped up parsley, threw that into some quinoa that I had cooked, lobbed a hunk of butter into the whole mess, and topped it with some chopped fresh parsley.

Super delicious and healthy.  I only ate a little bit of it and put the rest in tupperware for lunch tomorrow, and had dinner #2, which was simply the tomatoes sliced with salt on top, eaten with sourdough (that I toasted in the broiler because I STILL have not gotten a toaster) with tofu-esque cubes of butter on top.  Excellent.

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