Le Zinc

by janet on December 7th, 2009

I was just thinking: when the eff did I become a coffee drinker?  Thinking thinking.  Well, I’m now out of grad school and in that extreme limbo state of postdoc-dom – not quite faculty (not anywhere NEAR faculty, akshully) and no longer a baby doctoral student.  The novelty of choosing “Dr” from pull-down menus when booking flights has worn off.  The slight bump in approval from parental figures has safely subsided into normalcy.  And, while I had six years in an office with the most delicious napping couch, I now am owner of half a cubicle at one institution and one-third of an office at another.  This means: NO NAPPING.  It also means: EVERYONE CAN SEE YOU (and more importantly, YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN) ALL THE TIME.  So when fatigue hits, surfing over to Cute Overload to jolt your system (with an involuntary shout of “squeeeee!”) is not really recommended.

That leaves coffee.

But coffee = addiction.

So there I am.

Pictured above is a lovely lovely cappuccino from Le Zinc – an equally lovely little place on 24th street in Noe Valley.  I was there for brunch with R2 recently, from whom I (coincidentally) lifted the phrase “the bean – she is a cruel mistress.”  Le Zinc is the kind of place where the owner is your server, and she is a willowy Frenchwoman.  We were seated in the charming courtyard, next to a table of guys who looked to be serious Ed Hardy connoisseurs who were demanding gin and tonics at 11:00 am at a place with only a wine/beer license.

R2’s order is above – fried eggs with bacon & garlic tomatoes. I had scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and toast.  Now, I know that in every kitchen is the same Mexican worker as at every other restaurant, but I just had a hunch that as a pretty authentic-seeming French place that I could expect great things.  It was.  Skillful AND beautiful to behold.  LOOK at those eggs.  And th-those tomatoes!  Don’t they make you weep?

My eggs:

Sigh.  So so pretty.  I made R2 look at my perfectly browned toast, but he didn’t marvel nearly enough so I made him look again; still not enough wonder and amazement so I insisted that he look and try again, which prompted him to say, “YEEEES THE TOAST IS AMAZING LOOKING GOOD LORD.”  And the smoked salmon, which is so often dried out in eggs (and usually tastes like you’re chewing on the end of a straw) was succulent and glisteny.

Sigh again. San Francisco is just FULL of these types of places.  I think my honeymoon phase is safely over with SF, so this enduring love and adoration must be something real.  That, as Professor Farnsworth would say, is very “good newwwws everyone!”

Le Zinc Bistro
4063 24th St
SF CA 94114

2 Responses to “Le Zinc”

  1. Danny says:

    I was wondering this too… because I distinctly remember a discussion we had about a year ago re: coffee. You said you were saving coffee for when you REALLY needed it (during/after the PHD). Anyway… coffee is definitely an addiction of mine. Fortunately, I’ve noticed that I’m not dependent like some people (I will randomly not drink coffee on scattered days with no ill-effects). At the same time, I can think of few things more satisfying than a latte on a Saturday morning.

  2. janet says:

    You are lucky! I’m firmly in BLINDING HEADACHE mode when I don’t get caffeine now. Maybe that’s just my old-ass ass talking.

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