I prefer the term chirp

by janet on January 15th, 2010

Hola peeps.   (My first & last bird pun, don’t worry)

Now I’ll have you know I was on Twitter before anyone else was.  You can tell because some of my old tweets are very dated.

As evidenced by such tweets as (note the YEAR please people):

Done with Harry Potter…forever! WAAAAAAAAAA 10:25 PM Jul 29th, 2007 from web

[on day of Nevada primary when I was in Vegas] Woke up too late for my Obama Mama t-shirt to do anything. 🙁 1:09 PM Jan 19th, 2008 from PocketTweets

I was in a seminar today when Graft vs. Host Disease came up. I looked around and I was the only one giggling. Guess I was the only AD fan. 6:43 PM Nov 14th, 2007 from web

Tweets along clumsy/food themes:

Just dropped a bowl of corn on the ground. It looks like I murdered someone with corn for blood. 10:37 PM Sep 23rd, 2007 from web

I literally slipped on a banana peel left on the ground! Lulz 9:07 PM Jan 16th, 2008 from PocketTweets

WINTERMELON. Much yummier than hamster poo, which is what Cheeto is eating.11:26 PM Feb 28th, 2008 from web

Anyway, after it overtook my life I had to tear out the thingie like I’m an avatar Na’avi thing with a ponytail thingie from Twitter.

Fast forward now to 2010, when Daniel suggested we put it on MTFB, and so here we are.  If you fear change, DON’T look up in the right corner.

Oh, also, mtfb was taken, and morethanafoodblog is too long, so we went with… nomyerface. Enjoi~!

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  1. Tinx says:

    wintermelon! was that after hot pot/massages?

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