Tweet is back!

by Daniel on January 26th, 2010

Remember Tweet? R&B artist who produced this song?

She was also getting her hair “did” in Missy Elliot’s Work It music video. Yeah, her. Anyway, she has nothing to do with this post. I have no idea if she’s back or not. But I am!

Here I am a whole four months ahead of schedule, so I guess if you took me up on my bet that you would have a baby before the next time I posted, well, I think you just lost.

On to the business at hand, keeping it short and tweet (ooooo, see what I did there? Lulz):  Janet and I have finally worked out the kinks and administrative junk with our twitter accounts, so I thought I’d put up an updated post with the appropriate linkage.

Alas, the victim here is the short-lived @NomYerFace, which Janet dumped unceremoniously for the sexier and younger @MTFBinSF. Here’s a pretty button to click if you don’t like plain old links:

Follow MTFBinSF on Twitter

More good news! I’ve taken on @MTFBinLA so as to tweet the good stuff in Los Angeles AS IT HAPPENS. Amazing right? Janet’s and my chirping together should be that hit you SF and LA addicts need to tide you over until dinner. You can follow me (please?) individually by clicking on this equally handsome button:

Follow MTFBinLA on Twitter

Aaaaaand for those Twitter savvy folks who are saying, Why not just make a list with these two in it? We’ve got you covered too. The widget at the top right will update with both accounts for your viewing pleasure. And if you just want to add a list to your apps on your smart phones, here’s the final linkage for that (sorry, no pretty button) More Than A Food Blog.

That’s it for this one folks. Don’t hold your breath for the next post from me, it probably won’t come out before you exhale or pass out. Just sayin.

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