Blogging Bento:

by janet on March 1st, 2007

Sorry for the dearth of posts lately. I have two huge projects due April 1st; huge enough to necessitate craziness starting now!

So for a little bit I shall be guiding you towards other blogs for you to visit. It’s OK. I will sanction your cheating just for now.

First up: Ngoc of has mastered the art of being cute and cooking cute. That betch! I’m so jealous because she is beating me at my own country’s art of making bento [Japanese for “packed lunch”], and she’s not even Japanese! She’s a terribly adorable Vietnamese gal with a husband and a “silly” dog! As you can see from the picture above, her artistic bento creations are freaking insane.

These lunches belong in a museum, not a tummy. See for yourself at cookingcute’s gallery.

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