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by janet on March 6th, 2010

I only nom marshmallows, thus my coloring.

So the California Academy of Sciences does these cool things on Thursday nights, where you go in and wander around with wine in your hands.  So, despite their frog exhibit (Ahem!  It REALLY SUCKS when you have a frog phobia and there are banners of poisonous frogs all over the city when you’re trying to drive!  Very inconsiderate.) I braved it with R2 a couple months ago.

I have a love for aquariums.  So after we swam through the crowd of hipsters and purchased our $7 mini servings of wine, we headed to the aquarium portion.

But first we passed by a…what’s the word?  Do-something.  Docent?  Who had a buncha these hideous dried fishies to show off.  She told us many fascinating facts about them, but  all of my cognitive abilities were going towards inhibiting my rather strong urge to poke at them.  I succeeded and was praising myself for my Asian obedience when the docent picked this one up and handed it to R2 to touch.  NO FAIR!

In the aquarium portion were many beautiful fishies, sea mammals, jellies.  As you know, though, I suck at taking pictures of anything that’s moving so this is the sole photo you get – a vaguely labia-majora-looking thing.  I made this joke to R2 and he said, “I knew you were going to say that.”

I’ve got to get new material.

They also has foodz!  This was a carnitas taco.  It was exactly what I wish out of a taco – corn tortilla, various raw chopped up crunchy things, and pork that has gotten its shit stewed out of it, resulting in something almost creamy.  I would go back just for the food!

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