Lemon Blender Pie

by janet on February 7th, 2010

Do you want the world’s easiest pie recipe?  No joke here.  All you need is a blender.  You can make the pie crust (I use Jeffrey Steingarten’s method, where you take tiny cubes of butter and just sift it repeatedly through your fingers with flour) or just use store-bought, but in any case it comes out delicious and impressive-looking.  I brought it to work and I got so many accolades – even an arm-pat from a famous professor.

Lemon Blender Pie – from somewhere on the interweb with search terms “easy” and “pie.”

1 large lemon
2 cups sugar
4 eggs
1 stick butter, melted

Take 1 whole large lemon, cut into quarters; remove seeds.

Blend lemon, sugar and eggs until fine puree. Pour in melted butter and continue blending at high speed 1 to 2 minutes.

Pour into an 9 inch uncooked pie shell and bake in 350° F preheated oven for 35 to 45 minutes or until center is set.

I topped with fresh sliced strawberries which I think are a must (see below).

So, do you see how the recipe just says “blend lemon, sugar, and eggs?”  So I squeezed the lemon juice into my pink Kitchenaid, at which point R2 said, “I think you put the actual lemon in it, with the skin and everything.”  I got all haughty, like, why should I take advice from someone who doesn’t know the proper term is rind, and why on earth would you put the entire rind in??  That would be bittersauce to the max!  But then R2, in his infinitely gentle way (i.e., “I know you’re the cook and I’m not doubting you at all, and this is probably stupid, but I wonder if X, Y, Z”), asked why the recipe would say “puree” if it were not calling for the “skin” and isn’t it telling us to use a blender, not a mixer?

He had me there.  These facts in combination with R2 encouraging me and saying vaguely relevant lines like, “With great power comes great responsibility!” and “Go big or go home!” but still with doubt exuding from my every pore, I put everything in the blender and blended.  The resulting liquid was … awesome.  Super duper tangy, a hint of bitter, and sweet and creamy.

Into the pie shell and into the oven!  Then out, and berries on top.  To be honest, I just put the strawberries there to make it look beautiful, but it turned out that they were a superb complement to the sugary lemon filling and mellowed out the bitter.  And how darling is it to say, “Oh, yes, I baked this strawberry lemon pie?” rather than “yah foolz it’s a lemon blender pie yo.”

I sent a picture and the recipe to Tinx and Daniel, and Tinx made it that very same day.  Both she and I noted that it needed more than the 45 mins to really set, so watch out for that.  Also, perhaps reduce the rind to 3/4ths or something (and supplement with a little more juice) to cut out some of the excessive bitterness.

It hurt my soul a little bit to use strawberries in the wintertime (and lemons, for that matter – what season do lemons come around in??) since I’m trying to be good about that kind of shit, but lately in my box it’s been collard greens and butternut squash and leeks and leeks and butternut squash and collard greens and greens and leeks and squash and leeks and squash and greens.  Plus I got to experience that little lift when I cooed, “I know strawberries aren’t in season and I detest eating out of season, but…”

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