ChanChan, Beretta, Random Japaneezy Place

by janet on March 1st, 2010

So.  I look through my iPhoto and there are dozens and dozens of backlogged photographs from places I’ve eaten and ne’er blogged.  They are such sad photographs – I can just see their lil hearts swelling when I click on them (“My day has arrived!  I’m going to the show!”) and then deflating as I pass them over for juicier photos.

It’s just that some places only inspire a couple paragraphs and not an entire post, so I wait for thoughts to percolate and then the entire post just…kinda dies.  Sadded.

So I am going to lump three at a time and make them into full posts. Why three?  Because it rhymes with squee!

1. Chan Chan

Chan Chan Cubano Cafe is all the way up at the top of a random hill in Twin Peaks.  We tried to go twice and it was closed both times (“I’m sorry!  Come back again, PLEASE!” the owner shouted at us through the window, both times).  Third time’s the charm.

They don’t have a menu; the guy just cooks what he feels like.  Superb!  Some sort of wilted spinach with berries (top), a fish dish (rhymes, hee!  above), and chicken with plantains.

You bet I nommed that marigold.  The food was…OK.  Not as superb as the concept.  The more interesting part of the night was an altercation between the chef his…cousin?  Acquaintance?  The gist of it, as far as I could tell while trying to appear as if I wasn’t listening, was that the guy had eaten a lot of food at the restaurant over the past months, and was paying back the chef in labor, but he had only worked that one night and, further, actually had the balls to ASK!?  FOR?!  MONEEYYY!?  Shove!  Shove!  Shove!  Out into the street and yelling! (though I couldn’t turn to look but R2 got to see – lucky bitch)  I believe it was settled without violence, and the chef came back in, apologized, and charged us $20 for four courses.  Sweet.

4690 18th Street, SF CA 94114  415.864.4199

2. Beretta

Beretta is a pretty hip joint, complete with Mission zipcode and strange cocktails.  My hipster cred went through the roof just walking into the place.

I am a fan of their new place on Chestnut (Delarosa; post coming soon) and I must say that I was a fan of Beretta’s cocktails beyond the normal reason I like cocktails, which is that they make me feel warm and funny and lovable and loving.  My favorite was the Airmailrum, honey, lime, prosecco.  R2 said, “I’ll have one of those too” and then “lamented” that it looked exceedingly girly, which made my eyes roll because he LOOVES girly drinks, are you kidding me?

We had pate (above) which was passable but nothing like what we had had a week prior at the now shuttered Cote Sud (if I may go on a tangent, the food at Cote Sud was astonishingly good, but in the middle of our meal a cockroach ran across our table and our server smashed it with a napkin and said “That was not a cockroach!” and then only comped our desserts…so I can kind of see why they closed), prosciutto di parma, tomato, arugula & mozzarella pizza (top) – also passable.  And then the special of the day – braised oxtail!

Not juicy enough, and I got a weird sticky cartilagey chunk in my mouth that I didn’t like.  Too salty, not quite worth it and definitely not finished and not taken home (burn!).

This was a little bit disappointing given all the hype, but Delarosa is one of my favorites and redeems my Beretta experience several times over.

1199 Valencia St SF CA 94110  415.695.1199

3. Random Japaneezy Place

I used Google Street View to figure it out, akshully.  It’s called Genki Crepes, and has all sorts of fun Japanese items (for example, several obscure flavors of Pocky – orange, caramel milk, “winter”).  It’s the obvious place to stop after eating a belly-full of My-yum-mar food at Burma Superstar (post forthcoming) across the street.

Brings me back to my teen years in Tokyo – my go-to spot at the end of Takeshita Dori in Harajuku, you know?  This is the proper way to enjoy a crepe goddamnit.  San Francisco seems to think that crepe = an omelette, just with flour and not egg.  Jyerks.  A real Japaneezy crepe is thin as a playing card and filled with only my favorites – banana, nutella, whipped cream.

330 Clement Street, SF CA 94118  415.379.6414

So.  Did you like this format?  I feel exhausted like I wrote three separate posts anyway, but if you really liked it…

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  1. R2 says:

    Chan Chan gets bonus points for playing a Buena Vista Social Club version of the Star Wars theme. And it gets bonus bonus points for timing the theme PERFECTLY to the climactic conclusion of an enthralling Star Wars-related anecdote by yours truly.

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