Blue Bayou at Dinneyrannnnd!

by janet on April 2nd, 2010

OK, I (a) very clearly remember how I felt after eating the above (death come here death hurry) and (b) just now ate a quarter of an entire cheesecake (deathland I want to go to there) and this picture is STILL making my mouth water.  It’s from the Blue Bayou restaurant, which is in New Orleans Square, integrated into Pirates of the Caribbean ride, in…Disneyland!  The word wOOt was invented for this!

Speaking of inventing, I hear that this very resto is where this abomination, the Monte Cristo sandwich, was invented.  Turkey, ham and Swiss cheese in a battered egg bread, lightly fried to a golden brown. With Blue Bayou potatoes and seasonal vegetables, all for the spendyriffic price of $22, but that’s the Diz for you.

In the words of William Joel, heart attack-kack-kack-kack-kack-kack!  Most people think of Monte Cristos as having french toast as your bookends, but here it was more like a donut that they battered and fried a second time, and the bread wasn’t just the bookends, it was also the cover, title page, forward, preface, first thirty six chapters, last thirty six chapters, endnotes, acknowledgments, that weird page where they tell you about the special font the book is printed in, and back cover.

But still somehow light as air.  Proof positive that grease is made with angel tears.

Ok that was such a great line to end a post on, but R2 is pestering me to mention the Blue Bayou potatoes.  They were awesome, ok?  So too was the currant sauce that the sammy came with, which took the sweet-savory situation to a deadly serious level.  Sigh.  Since I’m at it I might as well throw up this picture:

And go on a classic MTFB tangent about how isn’t it weird how fucking GOOD salads are in fancy steakhouses?  The best salad I’ve had on this earth was at Fleming’s.  And yet, they are without fail overshadowed by their flatter, squarer, bloodier brethren foodstuffs. Same thing here.  Even though it comes before the entree, an afterthought; Uma Thurman to Kim Basinger in Final Analysis.

While I’m at it, I might as well go on another tangent about how I once came here — OMG as if R2 hasn’t done enough damage already by derailing my post, now he’s bothering me by telling me a Jewish samurai joke!!!  Don’t be intrigued!  It was awful.

–once I came here with my family.  My mom asked for the wine list, but they do no serve alkyhol (at least on this side – California Adventure’s a lush haven).  So my mom ordered O’Douls and quite liked it.  Since it’s basically alcohol free, I also got to drink it and I felt very grown up.  Thus my enduring and random love of O’Douls was born.

My love of Disneyland, well, that I came out of the womb with.

Make a reservation!  You’ll NEVER get in same-day! 714.781.DINE

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