KFC Double Down

by janet on April 12th, 2010

[5:11 pm] Text from Tinx to Janet: Getting the double down right now!!!

[5:52 pm] Text from Janet to Tinx: Me too later!  How was it?!?!

[5:53 pm] Text from Tinx to Janet: So goood!! Tender juicy salty nom

[5:55 pm] Text from Janet to R2: My armpits smell like you <3 [Ed note: Janet borrowed his deo this morning] Tinx loves the double down so I am scared

[5:55 pm] Text from R2 to Janet: Too scared to eat it?

[5:55 pm] Text from Janet to R2: Never too scares [sic] to eat anything!!

[5:55 pm] Text from R2 to Janet: Yes!  That’s my girl!  I will pick up and bring it by your place around 8:00.

[5:56 pm to 7:56 pm] Janet waiting waiting waiting.

[7:57 pm] Janet decides to roast some asparagus in anticipation of the unhealthiness of dinner.

[7:58 pm] Janet further makes a cucumber salad with fat free dressing.

[8:01 pm] R2 is LATE! Janet drafts, preliminarily, the post for blog.

[8:09 pm] Blog draft done; Janet puts on Muse and rocks out; she is going to their concert on Wednesday

[8:15 pm] Faced with nothing better to do, Janet takes a shower, and then thinks whilst showering that perhaps she’ll have to take another one after the Double Down.

[8:29 pm] R2 arrives, FINALL~Y!

[8:30 pm] Janet discovers to her delight that R2 has also bought biscuits and corm!

[8:31 pm] Careless and rushed photo sesh.

[8:35 pm] Nomming sounds.

[8:36 pm] Janet thinks: This is exactly what I thought it would taste like, and indeed, R2 is right now saying to me “Well, there are no surprises here.”  Not quite as disgusting as I thought it would be, though is MAYO really necessary?  This is skimpy on the bacon and not skimpy enough on the chicken.  Good lord, these are thick chicken breasts.  Salty so salty wow juicier than I thought.  There’s no way I can finish this.  Whoops, I finished it.

Find out more about the cheese and bacon-filled chicken breast sando, or just get one.

2 Responses to “KFC Double Down”

  1. R2 says:

    As much as I like the notion of replacing bread with meat, it was a bit too decadent in execution. And at the same time, this particular indulgence was strangely…not decadent enough? Ideally, I should have been left wishing I’d never laid eyes upon the cursed Double Down…but ultimately, I was just left feeling thirsty.
    Regarding the text message/time-stamp format, however – a triumph!

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