Ace of Cakes R2 Cake

by janet on April 23rd, 2010

So, I hear that the Star Wars episode of Ace of Cakes finally aired. FINALLY!  NOW I CAN BLOG EET!

Months and months and months ago I was sworn to secrecy by someone who shall not be named (it’s not Voldemort).  I was supposed to keep quiet the fact that (a) the season finale of Ace of Cakes, one of my favorite shows and Tinx’s too, was to take place at the Skywalker Ranch to celebrate the Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 2 wrap party; and (b) that this insider person, who shall not be named, had stolen an actual piece of the actual R2-D2 cake (rather than the sheet cake given to all employees) for yours truly to inhale in three seconds as soon as he came through my apartment door.  And also for yours truly to say to her friends “I HAVE A SECRET BUT I CAN’T TELL YOU AAAAAA!” and drive them crazy.  I said “If you guess it I can tell you yay or nay” but of course no one guessed it cuz that shit is too random.

Anyway, it looked like this:

The slug-like entity is a piece of R2 fondant in front.

I’ll be honest.  I always thought that the actual sheetcake they use was shitty, banking on the fact that the cakes always LOOK so fabulous that partygoers will be seduced into thinking they also taste good. Further, are you going to say “ICK!  Get this shit outta my mouf” on national TV?  No.

But the cake was moist and dense in a good way.  More surprisingly, the FONDANT!  Which is usually hard as a new stick of Wrigley’s and plastic-ey tasting, here was soft and acquiesced the the gentlest of chew-chews.

This was my perspective.

I haven’t seen the episode, so I needed to ask Tinx if there was anything cool from her perspective.  She texted back:

“Um they meet the r2 robot…He meets George Lucas at the end!! They have to make the clone wars version of r2 so it’s super dirty looking…  At one point they say “r2 has delicious insides” and i died laughing for some reason.  Some random engineer from skywalker ranch made the head move on the cake it was rad.”

I asked my R2 some random person who shall not be named for his HIS OR HER WHO KNOWS IT COULD BE ANYONE perspective and he said that the random engineer’s name was Spencer.  “I’m not a hundred percent sure but I think his name was Spencer.”  Which is not at all exciting as far as insider knowledge is concerned.

Nevertheless, I am exceedingly grateful to that person for standing in line forever for R2 proper cake.  And it’s a cool concept all around.  I mean – Duff and GEORGE?!?!?

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  1. Tinx says:

    gonna be honest, that cake looks gross. but i’m still impressed it was an awesome secret!!

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