NY: Elizabeth and DBGB

by janet on May 4th, 2010

After an intense business-ey week in our nation’s capitol where I had to prove to my benefactor foundation that I was worth all the money they were paying me, I trained up to New York City to go to my dear friend Frau’s wedding.  I met up with other dear friend Cara, maid of honor, and R2 joined us late late on Friday…

AND SURPRISED ME WITH A NEW CAMERAAAA!  One that actually takes pictures when I push the button, which is a new thing for me.  I named it The Kraken so we can say “RELEASE THE KRAKEN” whenever a picture is necessary.

What do you think?  It has SUPER MACRO!  And…a PET SETTING~!

The wedding was Tasteful with a capital T – so posh.  I expected as much from a friend who discovered Cynthia Rowley a year before she hit.

For example, I’m going to get ahead of myself a bit and show you her centerpieces:

Her reception was at Elizabeth (also the bride’s middle name) in…the Lower East Side?  Is that an area?  Despite going to college in New York state, I don’t really know the city and I haven’t been there since before 9-11.

Wait.  I forgot to tell you that Frau lives in DC, and her new hubby lives in London.  So she had to plan a destination wedding, and then fucking MOVED to the UK the DAY AFTER her wedding.  She crazy.

And she knows food.

This is her favorite dish at Elizabeth.  It’s organic chicken with curried cous-cous, dried fruit, and coconut sauce.  R2 got it and I promptly stole it from him.  The best part was akshully the cous cous, with big raisins in many colors throughout.  Not surprising, since I’m anti-fowl.  In fact, my kitchen is currently a biotoxic zone from chicken that I picked out of a burrito before I departed for DC and left it on the counter in direct sunlight.

Here is what I ordered and donated to R2.  It was a double cut pork chop with grilled pineapple chutney, asparagus (which caused as-pee-ragus) and garlic mashed potatoes.

Cara got a burger.  It looked amazing (foreshadowing!):

Good job The Kraken!  Now let’s see how you do with low light settings.

Sunday: DBGB Kitchen and Bar

Do you know DBGB, casual restaurant of the master, multiple-Beard Award recipient Daniel Boulud?   I think the history of the resto is that he built it on the space of the famed NY music club CBGB, and named it what he named it as an homage.  I also heard that he got sued by some person or another for stealing the name, which is just dumb IMHO.

OK, so this picture looks slightly horrifying.  Is it due to The Kraken attempting to do a low-light photo and getting the color temperature wrong, and then my bumbled attempt to fix it in iPhoto?  Or is it just that rillette (from our charcuterie plate – taste of pâté, saucisson, rillette, & fromage de tête with sourdough toast) always looks like chopped up brains?  Delicious, fatty, smooth, meaty brains.

It was the brunch menu, so there were a variety of sausages that you could eat with your choice of egg preparation.  Here is Cara’s Tunisienne sausage - spicy lamb & mint merguez, lemon braised spinach & chickpeas.  Sooo soft and like someone had distilled an entire lamb down into a five inch poo thing, except like much more delicious-sounding.  Much better than R2’s Polonaise sausage - smoked pork & veal kielbasa, cabbage, beets & apples, which tasted good but nothing spesh.

I was craving a burger for some reason and got one.  Oh man.  Listen to this: THE FRENCHIE – 6 oz beef patty with confit pork belly, arugula, tomato-onion compote & morbier cheese on a peppered brioche bun with cornichon, mustard & fries.  Try to get your mind off the fact that the plural of cornichon is cornichon (which majorly distracted me) and think about how good that sounds.

Unforch, The Kraken did not do a good job here:

What the heck The Kraken?  If I remember correctly my beautiful brioche was not soaked in blood, jyerk.

The taste itself was also disappointing.  It should have been dripping and decadent, and instead it was little and dry.  I’m officially over pork belly, too.  I like crispy bacon so why would I like pork belly?

To cope with this disappointment which I suspect you also share, I will tell you  a story, even if doing so may compromise my friends’ anonymity.  One of our fellow lunchers was named Janet just like me (!!!! – once when I looked up my name in a baby book, it said “like most names from the 50’s, this name is now out of style” so it’s surprising to meet another one).  And then we realized that ALL FIVE of us had names that start with “J.”  So Janet #2 flagged down our server (named Mr. Lucky, for real) and said, “I have a question.  Two of us have the same name and all of our names start with the same letter -” and without missing a beat he said, “OK!  Guessing!  Which half of the alphabet is it in?” and we said, “…the middle?” and then just gave him J to make it easier.  He would go over to a corner of the restaurant, clasp his hands, look up, and think really hard, and then come over and offer some guesses.

He got through eleven wrong guesses (Jessica, Jennifer, Jamie, Julia, Jocelyn, Julianne, Joelle, Joel, Jeremy, John, and Jacob) before he came over and guessed Janet, and then deftly fingered which two of us were named it!  As a reward we told him the names of the others: Jo-

-WAIT!  You almost got me there.  I may take the lord’s name in vain (and fail to correctly capitalize “Lord”) but I do has a moral code, shoot.

Congratulations, Frau!

265 Elizabeth Street
NY NY 10012

299 Bowery
NY NY 10003

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