Osha Thai

by janet on May 12th, 2010

What’s the deal with this place?  There are several Osha Thais throughout the city.  The one on Union in Cow Hollow, appropriately, seems douchey.  The one on Diamond is like, what the hell is THIS doing here?  The original is in the Tenderloin?  And the one we recently went to with our couple-besties Cate and R3, at the Embarcadero Center, right across the green from the Ferry Building, seems uber unspecial and touristy.

The touristy was nice that day  because it was when the zipline was set up on the green by Canada.  So our whole dinner was punctuated by zzzzziiiiip! sounds and WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!s.

And I was wrong about the unspecial, when it came to the decor.  It was sleek sleek sleek with gratuitous waterfall things scattered about everywhere.

The food also felt special – VERY special, askhully.  The beautiful, beautiful thing pictured above is Beef Wasabi Rollscarrot, celery and mint wrapped in sliced grilled premium flank steak served with watercress salad.  Super delish, but I have to admit that everything at Osha tasted the same, which was sweet and savory with a punch o’ peanut.

Next, we ordered, naturally, the Bacon Wrapped Scallop, both because of its charmingly Engrish description – “tender sea scallop lightly wrapped in applewood smoked bacon served with three flavors cream” – and also because, well, it was a scallop wrapped in bacon.

It was clearly like “Oh fuck you guys you think THAT loser POS is ‘beautiful, beautiful?’  I’ll show YOU.”

I don’t know.  I still give the prize to the beef roll.

Oh, wait~ bacon!  You can have the prize.  You’re a single lady, buddy!

Despite the three flavors cream, it still tasted like sweet + salty + peanut.

The most distinctive thing of the night was the Bangkok Roti - green curry with flank beef, Thai eggplant and red bell pepper served with roti.  The roti was … not roti.  It was like they took a croissant and put it in the deep fryer.  Dipped in the sweet, salty, peanutey stuff that came with it, it was pure, crunchy, oily, sweet, salty, peanutey bliss.

Akshully, the most distinctive thing of the night was Cate, who is Irish, telling us over and over that the city of Cork, pronounced correctly by Irish people sounds like “cock” to Americans.  We kept pretending to not understand so she had to shout “COCK, like, COCK! COCK?” till her voice rivaled the zipliners.  “Cock” this and “three flavors sauce” that.  Oh, foreigners.

Osha Thai
4 Embarcadero Center
Street Level SF, CA 94111

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  1. Shirubia says:

    This is the first place I’ve actually been to!!! You’re so right–everything is sweet and salty, and i think a tad too savory for me (gasp). but super yum. I had crab fried rice which was super cheap for the amount of food/crab in it, and it was delish.

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