Guest Posts Post

by janet on May 12th, 2010

me:  what’s a good photo for the guest posts post
Daniel:  I am sewing
Sewingsewingsewing is my life
I think you should draw stick figures

Sewing IS his life, akshully.  He made a goddamn hoodie from scratch just using his brain.  I’m sure he’ll blog about it … hopefully sometime before the next baby is born.

I’m not willing to chance it, though, and I’m off to a crazy trip: LA-London-Madrid-Toledo-Barcelona-Mallorca-London-LA.  I shan’t be back till June, so I’m using gratefully inviting Tinx (the one on the left with the stilettos) and DJ Deer to guest blog while I’m gone.  I also got Daniel to commit to at least one post per week while I’m gone, so that makes four.

I will mees you!  I promise to bring back stories and tales of many Spanish noms.

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  1. Tinx says:

    Can the random dot between us be buttons?

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