Guest Post #2: Matchbox DC

by djdeer on May 25th, 2010

This is it! The last guest post! The big finale before Janet returns! Mayhaps I should’ve guest posted before Tinx since her post has already received rave reviews. I shoulda known she would bring the heat with her fire hair (especially considering her food obsession). Of course this isn’t a competition, but I want to impress Janet with my skillz or else she may never let me post again. Fortunately, I have a secret weapon at my disposal and I am prepared to whip it out at a moment’s notice. Excited yet?

What is this weapon, you ask? Bacon. But not just any bacon. Bacon draped over a cocktail. Skeptical? Let me explain…

TyTy, Will, and I were recently in DC for a Big Gay Vacay. After a night on the Town, I awoke to a text from Ratch: “A bunch of my friends from high school are doing brunch at a jazz place in eastern market you guys should come!” I check the time. 9 AM!? Why the hell am I awake??? Hungover, yet determined to have one final delicious brunch before catching our flight home, we leaped (rolled) out of bed and sprinted (dawdled) over to Matchbox.


Brunch at Matchbox is served every Saturday and Sunday starting at 10 AM and ending at 3 PM which is great news if you’re in DC – because chances are if it’s the weekend, you are hungover. Matchbox also serves up live jazz music during these hours which made me feel really fancy despite the fact that I was wearing the same shirt as the night before.

My first impression was a good one when I opened the menu to a full page of Bloody Marys. It was love at first sight! Nothing could possibly get me down now. Then I discovered something amaaaazing. What was this!? A Bloody Mary garnished with bacon!? Screw celery sticks! This was the gold standard!

I was overcome with excitement. Will and Ty looked at me with judging eyes so I explained that the best hangover cure is a drink! My powers of persuasion overtook Ty and he ordered a Mimosa, thus validating my decision to be a total alky.

Behold the Nectar of the Gods

It was as delicious as you might imagine. The perfect Bloody Mary mix with a hint of bacon – garnished with more bacon. It was well balanced, not over-spiced at all. I hate taking a sip of a Bloody Mary and getting nothing but salt and pepper at the bottom. I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it so I just improvised. I would nom on some bacon and then chase it with some BM. Suffice it to say, this was a damn good way to kickoff brunch. Ty also approved of the Mimosa.

Next came food. I continued to explore the menu when chorizo caught my eye. Nothing says brunch like pig entrails, right!? Right. My vegetarian sister would be so proud. I ordered the cast iron chorizo and manchego egg tortilla made with chorizo and eggs stuffed in homemade ciabatta and brushed with garlic butter.

One word: Delicious. The ciabatta and chorizo combo worked surprisingly well together. The bread tasted fresh and homemade which made this even more scrumptious. The whole thing was a joy to eat. For some reason the brunch potatoes were covered in grease as if they had been scraped up from the bottom of a heap. I still ate them, and they were still delicious.

Will decided to go fruity and ordered the fresh fruit salad made from honey-orange greek yogurt, granola, and honey whipped cream.

Berrylicious Fruit Salad

This basically sounded like a fancy yogurt parfait to me, but when I stole a bite I was pretty impressed. The berries were ripe and I could tell that the whipped cream was freshly whipped. I wouldn’t personally order this for brunch, but if this is your style it was a pretty good value at just 6 bucks.

Perhaps in an effort to prove his manliness after the parfait, Will also ordered a bacon burger. Full after his fruity salad, he took the burger to go. Unfortunately, the burger later became a casualty of airport security when we were late for our flight and frantically dumped all banned items (along with TyTy’s $200 in fancy toiletries – a gay nightmare). A picture is all that remains:

RIP Bacon Burger

After all that sacrifice, we still missed the flight. Pretty devastating.

Overall, the Matchbox experience was a great one! When you’re there, don’t forget to grab a Matchbox matchbox on the way out! So clever…

Matchbox Capitol Hill
521 8th St, SE,
Washington, DC 20003

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