Skittles is Sick!

by janet on June 5th, 2007

Ski-Ski- Skittles~! Noooooo!

Two nights ago James called and left a voice mail saying Skittles was sick. I called him back and he told me that Skittles was just floating on the top of the water, but that he wasn’t dead. He told me that he had done some interweb research and diagnosed the problem. He said that Skittles’ bladder was broken, so he couldn’t go up and down in the water. Apparently it’s a very common problem.

The main cause of bladder failure is … constipation! Just like me! Constipation can be caused by overfeeding (possible) or from fish eating dry flakes, which happens when fish eat the flakes on top of the water too quickly before they are saturated with water (very probable – Skitts is a pig and a half!).

The treatment

The treatment? It’s simple. Feed your fish a… baby pea! For reals! Isn’t that the funniest/cutest treatment evar? You are supposed to peel the skin off and squish the insides and feed it to your fish. I guess fiber works for all species.

So we are in the midst of enacting Operation: Baby Pea. I’ll keep you posted. Things are not looking good though, as now Skittles has taken to lying belly up in the bottom of the tank. NOooooOOooO!

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