RIP Dearest Little Skittles: 2006-2007

by janet on June 8th, 2007

Picture credit goes to Simon, who drew this in Facebook Graffiti.

Today is a sad day for me and James. Because he was clearly suffering, and suffering for a loooong time, we decided to put Skittles to sleep yesterday. Skittles lived out his final moments in his pink mini-tank in the freezer.

Skittles’ little life:
We rescue Skittles and Cheeto from the L.A. County Fair.
Skittles loses/kills his best buddy and gets a new home.
Skittles battles THE BLACK SMUDGE and wins.
Skittles being wriggly and cute.
Skittles and The Return of THE BLACK SMUDGE.
Skittles’ last days.

You were the best fish that ever lived, Skittles. We’ll miss you lil’ buddy.

4 Responses to “RIP Dearest Little Skittles: 2006-2007”

  1. David says:

    Damn, I never even got to see him.

  2. Simon says:

    I decided to draw the picture in memory of the way he was best, without the black smudge.

    Sigh. I’ll miss the little guy too.

  3. shirubia says:

    i’m super-sad 🙁 i guess the cute remedy didn’t work :'( :'( :'( maybe he can finally be friends and chill with my fishies in fishy heaven though 😀

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