Ithaca Terrifica Odds n Ends

by janet on June 12th, 2007

It has been almost two months since my fateful trip to Ithaca, and I am finally down to my last post. Either the trip was THAT eventful, or I am just lazy.

Anyone on the east coast understands the Wegman’s phenomenon. Having gotten some distance from it, I too had recently joined the ranks of those who say, “What is the big fucking deal with Wegman’s? It’s just, like, a fucking grocery store.”

Once I stepped into it, though, I remembered. Oh, Wegman’s. Huger than the mind can perceive, yet impossibly cozy. The blinding lights and aisles that go on for miles impart a sense of excitement and opportunity and wonder, and yet you instantly feel as if you are … home.

Oh, little train that circles the candy section. Oh, Wushi (Wegman’s sushi). I had missed it all without even knowing.

The best part was the MINI SHOPPING CARTS! (pictured @ top) The mini-ness alone was intoxicatingly cute. Throw in the double-decker-ness and I was vanquished! It was only the impatient sighs and pointed looks of my host that stopped me from filling the cart with mini candy bars, mini M&Ms, mini hot dogs, etc. and skipping around Wegman’s like the cuteness whore that I am.

I also took a trip to Stella’s, which in college was where the hipster kids who were actually born in Manhattan went because they were too cool for school and also rich enough to sip on the three thousand dollar martinis.

Funny what a couple years in LA will do to you. Stella’s, way back when, seemed hopelessly (a) glam and (b) expensive. Now, it seemed (a) dingy/trying too hard [bad combo]; and (b) very reasonably priced! Wow! I have metamorphosed into one of those pretentious douchebags! Happy day.

I ordered a Blueberry Mojito, which was perfectly fine for $8. Nice and strong but no blueberry taste – compared to the gingergasm I had had at CityStyle it was lame sauce.

Finally, I had to take a visit to Collegetown Bagel’s. Not that it’s gastronomically exciting in any way, but it’s so great to have a home base where you can always go to get a mocha and low maintenance snack (or pitcher in the nightime).

Like a bagel with butter. Shitloads of butter. Who needs laser vision when you can just throw butter on everything and make it transparent? Glorious.

500 South Meadow St
Ithaca, NY 14850

403 College Avenue
Ithaca, NY 14850

415 College Avenue
Ithaca, NY 14850

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  1. Bridget says:

    wegmans rocks!!! oh, i miss it so much. ithaca is f*cking gorges!

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