Life is Like a Box of Chocolates…

by Daniel on June 11th, 2010

..but hopefully not this one. Unlike Janet, I am a huge Sweets fiend. Growing up, my aunt who lived in Las Vegas also owned a bakery and we would get all manner of free baked goods whenever we were there (like once a month AT LEAST). Endless maple donuts, chocolate eclairs, brownies, cookies… EVERYTHING. My aunt even taught me how to decorate cakes, and when they retired the bakery, I inherited a bunch of piping bags and tips… I digress. The point is I love me some sweets and am willing to try some crazy shit like putting chipotle hot sauce on a mini dark chocolate hershey bar. TASTY! Except I only like experimenting with flavor combos when I consent to the experimentation (NO MEANS NO!). I once ate one of those gourmet chocolate bars with crystallized ginger and hated it, but I knew what I was getting into.

Enter this unassuming tray of chocolates pictured above. They were sitting out on the table at my parents’ house and no one else was home when I happened upon them. My mom often gets random treats and such from coworkers and families of the babies she takes care of as a nurse, and she just leaves them out for us to deal with. The last set she had brought home was a box of gourmet Belgian white chocolates. DELISH! I should’ve been warned by the number of chocolates left, but I was too excited and popped an entire chocolate in my mouth.

I chewed it once and then started to feel tears gathering in my eyes. OH THE BURNING! Sadly the tears were not a product of finally tasting the most delectable piece of chocolate. NOPE. What I’d just eaten was a wasabi infused white chocolate my mom had brought back from her recent trip to Korea. And I’d eaten it all in one bite. I gasped from the intense burning/flavor filling my mouth and glared at the chocolates.

I don’t even know if I can describe it, because all I could think was DO NOT WANTTTTTTTTTT!!!

do not want

But if you want to know what it’s like for yourself, the easy solution is to bring a piece of white chocolate with you the next time you go out for sushi. Take a butter knife and use it to slather a generous glob of wasabi on your precious piece of white chocolate and eat it all at once. Remember to write down your thoughts and post them in the comments, because I sure as hell don’t care to try it again.

Anyway, this entire post was just an excuse for me to let you know that Tinx will be dropping in sometime next week to guest post while I’m out on vacation: LA – San Juan, Puerto Rico – Willemstad, Curacao – Oranjestad, Aruba – Roseau, Dominica – Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas – San Juan – LA and then a few days before ending the whirlwind in Vegas. MTFB seems to have a penchant for Spanish speaking countries. I’ll be back in July, so don’t think you’ve finally gotten rid of me.

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