Opening Soon (or already opened?): Vanilla Bake Shop

by janet on July 10th, 2007

My lazy ass has not gotten around to posting this, even though it’s a time-sensitive post. Poops. Better late then nevar, right? How come people write “evar!” but never “nevar?”

Focus, girl, focus. OK. Recently, Yummy Cupcakes opened on Wilshire near the beach in Santa Monica. A mere blocks away, I noticed a verry cute awning heralding the opening of YET ANOTHER designer cupcake store!

My sleuthing makes me think that they are very nearly ready to open, with a darling shabby chic interior. Perhaps they are already open at press time. It seems that way from their website (BTW Vanilla Bake Shop, you are not going to win this cupcake war unless you put up some cupcake porn on your site). I also snapped a photo of their menu, which offers cupcakes at a standard boutique cupcake price of $3.25. I am also very intrigued at their Cupcake Babies, which are three for $5. I would very much like to see the cupcake sex that creates cupcake babies.

5 Responses to “Opening Soon (or already opened?): Vanilla Bake Shop”

  1. Dave says:

    Vanilla Cupcake is definitely open. Today on walking around Santa Monica, I read an article about Vanilla Bakeshop. Nice little place, didn’t have a chance to try anything though. Cupcake babies just look like little versions of the big ones, kinda like mini-muffins are small muffins. Kind of like a chef’s tasting menu I guess. I had a Yummy Cupcake though (Brown Sugar Cinnamon…mmm…like a Churro on Steroids), the butter cream was awesome rich.

  2. Renee says:

    Vanilla is amazing! Yummy is in trouble. the dirt cake is the best thing I have had in years

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  5. […] Remember when I was psyched because Vanilla Bake Shop was opening right near the Promenade? […]

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