Ezo: All You Can Eat Sushay

by janet on July 11th, 2007

Most people are (rightfully) distrustful of all-you-can-eat sushi joints. Getting fresh fish at cheap prices doesn’t seem like a likely thing to happen. But, I checked out Ezo Sushi’s credentials on Chowhound and they seemed ok so Sharisa and I took Mosky to celebrate Mosky’s recent acceptance into a super duper graduate school. {woot!}

The rules are as shown above. Standard things like time limitations, ordering limitations, eating-everything limitations, etc. Our server was very sweet, though, and basically broke all of these rules. He let us stay way longer than an hour (which ended up being bad since Mosky got a parking ticket – they weren’t kidding when they said that parking is the biggest drawback of Ezo), let us order whenever we wanted, as much as we wanted, and if we hadn’t finished every grain of rice I’m sure he wouldn’t have charged us. I <3ed this man.

There were certain items that you could only order once. These were things like uni, yellowtail belly, and ikura. They were out of uni so I ordered the yellowtail belly; Sharisa the ikura. Both were good but not picture-worthy.

Pictured above is one of our plates. From left to right: yellowtail, salmon, and albacore. As you can probably see, the fish was very fresh, and there were no gimmicks like huge rice bullets. Of everything we ordered that night, the albacore was the worst. Not because it wasn’t fresh (everything was fresh!) but because the sauce tasted weird. Verrry bitter, which wasn’t helped by the grating of fresh ginger.

I greatly appreciated that other items besides sushi were on the AYCE menu. For example – TEMPURA! This may be a reason in itself to come to Ezo – to eat as much tempura as your heart desires!??!? Glorious.

We also ordered miso soup and salad, also on the AYCE menu, as was the baked green mussel, pictured below. Our server, while nice, was also a bit of an airhead and kept forgetting what we ordered. I had to re-order the mussels twice to actually get them, but I got them.

They were a little on the chewy side, but aren’t mussels always chewy when baked? This reminds me – I must go to the all-you-can-eat mussels at Soleil on Wednesdays. I have always vowed to do so.

Even the fancy rolls are on the AYCE menu. For example, the Dragon Roll above: eel & avocado on top of California roll. Speaking of rolls, I am on a roll with making fun of Japanese speak, and Ezo delighted the three of us by repeatedly referring to “crunchy butter” and “crunch butter” on the outside of the rolls. I love crunchy butter.

As I mentioned before, Sharisa likes to order eel as a dessert because it’s sweet.

Ehn ehn ehn! We are swimming upstream!

This wasn’t outstanding, mostly because the fish was too fatty, if you can believe it. You can sort of see on the tail of the bottom-right piece – a not-so-lovely globule of fat. But we slurped it all up, because we didn’t want to be hit up by the leftover charge!

My original plan was to add up all the sushi we ate to see if we made back our money. [AYCE is $25] But then, as we stepped outside, we bumped into a meter maid who was writing Mosky a ticket (the meter was BROKEN! but it somehow had miraculously fixed itself while we were gone! Betch.) Soooo with the $36 ticket, we most likely broke just about even. But still. Crunchy butter rulz!

Ezo Sushi
8917 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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  1. atom says:

    i’m stuffed to the hilt with indian food right now, but that still makes my mouth water.

  2. Chew on That says:

    For me, there is nothing in the world that looks more delicious or gorgeous than a picture of FRESH salmon nigiri. That looks wonderful! I want to eat it right now (as if I don’t always want sushi). And on the topic of all you can eat sushi buffets, I discovered my first one a couple years ago in Florida. It was called Kjoyin and it was $18 (no time limit but it had restrictions) and it was the best ever! This one sounds great too!

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