Bella Pita: Best Falafel~

by janet on July 12th, 2007

Remember U-Dog? It was a joint that had SUPER cheap Chicago-style hot dogs that were just dynamite! It had great word of mouth, fantastic hot dogs, and a really loyal following.

Which is why we were all shocked when it went out of business. WTF?

Anyway, Bella Pita has now taken U-Dog’s place, and I went there with Simon and Tinks shortly after it opened. James hates Mediterranean food (I know, right?) so whenever he’s not around I try to eat Greekish as exclusively as possible, which is not very often. Damnit.

I ordered my favorite kind of pita, a falafel pita, and looked over to their fixin’s bar.

Tons of veggies, very nice, very nice. My eyes traveled a little more to the right and saw…

Cue choir of angels.

COOOOOONDIMENT BAAAAAAR <3 <3 <3 !!! I did a couple bicep curls to warm up for the tahineh-pumping marathon that I was about to embark on.

My food came out, on freshly baked pita bread and with piping hot falafel. Be still my heart! I stuffed it with lettuce and cukes and delicately squirted just two pumps of tahineh sauce for the photo shoot. Once I got my shot I went back to the condiment bar with a vengeance. Lemon sauce, herb dressing, everything sauce. I took a bite of my warm, crunchy, drippy pita and was in heaven. I forgot all about my freshly-fried french fries and bulldozed my way through that pita. The falafel was a bright green and tasted amazing (not oily or bitter like others) and I could have had a thousand more.

Bella Pita is, I discover now, fully Chowhound-approved, though the forum is taken up by anxious worrying that Bella Pita won’t survive even though it’s awesome. I have to agree – their falafel is so fresh and molded with love, as seen below, but this tenant space seems doomed.

Making falafel at the speed of light, even though I told the dude to slow down for the photo.

I hope it didn’t get cursed by the young couple I saw making out outside. It was very disturbing. She looked like she was 19 and he looked like he was … 8? I don’t know what he was doing out on a school night and I certainly don’t know why she was committing statutory rape so brazenly. Maybe the deliciousness of the falafel was making her go mad.

Bella Pita
960 Gayley Ave
Westwood Village

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