BJ’s: Yes Please!

by janet on July 13th, 2007

BJ’s is…okay. It’s fun to go to and the food is consistently … BJish? Meaning greasy and good enough? It serves beer, which is good. What I have for you today is a conglomeration of photos from the past three or so visits.

Below is my favorite – the giant baked potato. This one is with veggies, cheese, and alfredo sauce. The lame-ass amount of sauce is disturbing, but after cajoling more alfredo out of my server and a generous dash-dash of salt, this is a pretty yummy dish.

Normally you cannot go wrong with sliders. Even a restaurant with a shitty real burger somehow can still have delicious sliders.

But this? I mean, look at the bread – doesn’t that make you salivate, not because it looks good, but in anticipation of how much liquid you’ll need to get those buns down? And I can’t imagine a less artistically-placed plate.

Unless you count this one, which looks like vomit on a dish. I think it is a chili burger, with the burger hidden underneath somewhere. It looked like vomit, or poo, but once we got into the decadence of the drippy chili and salty ooze, I have to say it was good in a guilty-pleasure sort of way.

Above is BJ’s trying to do a gourmet salad. Props for the generosity of feta, but the greens look almost brown, and I don’t think anyone likes their artichoke hearts in pieces bigger than their fist.

Wow, I’m on a hate roll! Wooooo! BJ’s is more noted for its deep dish pizza, but I like thin-crust pizzas better, so I ordered this. But… the sauce lacked depth (just sour, not even salty!) so it tasted like crunchy nothing. It is my fault for expecting “depth” from BJ’s sauce anyway.

The only depth you’re going to get from BJ’s is their deep dish pizza.

Oh, it’s so deep, baby!

This just goes to show that you should stick with whatever a joint is famous for, because it’s famous for a reason, and they probably bust so many out that the dish has been perfected. I loved sinking my teeth into my huge slice – squirts of grease as my teeth hit the sausage (giggidy); the crunch of the almost-cooked onion, and the crisp of the very very bottom of the dough. Mmmmm.

Most notable is what BJ’s most famous creation: the Pizookie. It’s a big, barely-cooked cookie in a pizza dish with a huge scoop of ice cream on it. Gooey and a little gritty (in a good, sugar-crystally way) and warm and oozey and SWEET – the Pizookie is killer. If you aren’t near a BJ’s, sometimes you can get them at Costco to make at home for yourself.

Or you could just grab your boyfriend or girlfriend and go for the real BJ. Your choice.

Westwood Location
939 Broxton Ave

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  1. tinks says:

    i remember when i had that thin crust pizza… and the crust wasn’t cooked in the middle. barf-tastic. much better to stick to the potato!

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