I am a Samantha.

by janet on August 29th, 2007

I know a picky eater or two (ahem). I was listening to KCRW’s Good Food Podcast, and they did a piece on picky eaters. First of all, their scientific analysis of picky eaters was hilarious. Consider:

-Texture is more important to picky eaters than taste
-Most picky eaters eat 10 foods or fewer
-“Cartilageousness” : One of the most disliked textures of picky eaters
-While virtually every picky eater likes ketchup, virtually all hate raw tomatoes
-Picky eaters dislike “inclusions,” or things inside other things (like nuts in muffins)
-The one exception to the inclusion rule is chocolate chips
-Child picky eaters are thinner than their peers; adult picky eaters are fatter
-The same drugs that work for depression, anxiety, and OCD also work for picky eating

The most fascinating thing was that Evan and her guest Marcia Levin Pelchat of the Monell Chemical Senses Center were talking in ways that were more like they were talking about sex than food. Some people are adventurous and eat many different foods; others love a routine and eat the same foods every day. You know?

So I was thinking – if you replace sex with food and view all of this through the lens of Sex and the City (SATC is on my mind because my roomie Tinks is obsessed with the show and we have SATC paraphernalia everywhere in the apartment), we would get four types of eaters. Charlotte, who is safe and naive and is the most picky; Miranda, who is very sensible and eats healthy (i.e., while Charlotte would never eat quinoa because it’s weird, Miranda would eat it for the fiber); Carrie, who is not a picky eater and is, in a sense, a “stylish” eater, eating what is good and trendy and eats out a lot in nice restaurants; and finally, Samantha, who is least picky and would eat anything, including a snake heart that is ripped out of a live snake and is eaten while still beating (I just met a guy in San Francisco who has done this).

Who are you? Among my friends who have appeared in this blog, I think Sharisa is Carrie (also because she’s stylish), Patsy is Miranda, and Debbie is definitely Charlotte. I’m definitely a Samantha. I think fish sperm soup is delicious, I like tripe in my pho, and I must eat a beating snake heart before I die.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Wow, I thought everyone liked raw tomatoes except for me!! If my appetite had on on-line profile, that list is exactly what it would be 🙂

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