Thirsty Bear

by janet on September 7th, 2007

I expected Thirsty Bear, right near the Moscone Center in SF, to be like a BJ’s. A schmancy Denny’s, in other words.

But what’s this? Ceviche? Interesante…

Oh, and a delicious Sangria? The plot thickens.

Turns out TB is much better than bullshit BJ’s. Its Spanish-themed small plates and drinks are far superior to their brews. I would know – I tried ALL of them (see top). I quite enjoyed the science-experiment-looking presentation of their beer sampler. The standout was the Golden Vanilla, which doesn’t sound that great in theory but was amazing in taste. If you take the harsh tang of beer away and replace it with a mellow vanilla flavor, the end product is remarkably delicious.

This other drink was M-azing, too. Gosh, I wish they had their cocktail menu on their website, because I don’t remember what this was called, or what was in it. It tasted as if you took all the gross artificial taste out of Kool-aid but kept that addictive kid-catnip flavor in.

The best part of the night was this lamb burger, with tomato jam, feta, and pickled red onion, ordered by my pal Captain. Until this night, I didn’t like lamb. I liked the texture but hated that distinctive “LAMB! LAMB! I AM LAMB! I AM NEITHER BEEF NOR CHICKEN BUT LAMB!” taste, you know?

But with the jam and the feta and the onion, HOLY SHIT! I am a convert. It could have also been the quality of the meat, which they proclaim as “100% natural, free of growth hormones, antibiotics, and synthetic additives.” In any case, TB seems famous for their beers, which is a travesty because the chef Amy Voisenat knows her shit and this restaurant should be worshiped for its food.

No longer will lambs look cute to me. Now they will look purely like food. Juicy, delicious, infantile food.

Thirsty Bear
661 Howard St
San Francisco, CA 94105

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