by janet on September 8th, 2007

Two is a trendy restaurant that has buzz. I know this because even though I am not from San Francisco, multiple (okay, just two) unrelated and unacquainted people told me to go there.

I would LOVE to have a big party there. The restaurant is divided into two humongous, airy spaces that are sleek and chic but very comfortable. There’s also a mezzanine level that overlooks a courtyard.

The coolest thing that I discovered on their website was their cooking class, which takes place each Saturday at 10:30 am, and begins with mimosas and ends with the lunch that you all cooked. Marvelous! It’s always sold out, though, so it’s on a lottery basis. Sign up here, and do it quickly! Also, once a month they do a dinner cooking class – truly a steal at $20.07 in honor of when they opened.

I confess I did not eat food food here. I crashed my friend Carlton’s dinner with his Brazilian friends. They were there because they knew the bartender; a yummy Brazilian guy who’d name I swear they told me was “Hottie.” He definitely answered to it, like when they said, “Hottie, bring Janet a caipirinha!” and he did.

It’s pictured top, and it was so.freaking.fantastic. A regular caipirinha has an entire muddle lime, sugar, and cachaça. This one was made with pluot juice!!!! AAAAAAAA!

To not be a party poop, I ordered a dessert – the warm Flavorosa pluot buckle, with almond streusel and toasted almond ice cream.

They love their pluot here, I guess. I appreciated the extreme tart notes in between the caramely topping of the streusel. The almond ice cream gave it a multi-dimensionality that was nice. But it was way to big for me (that’s what she said) and so I gladly shared most of it with my new Brazilian friends. Encantador!

22 Hawthorne Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

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  1. tinks says:

    holy crap that looks so good. let’s make it.

  2. janet says:

    The buckle or the cocktail? 😉

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