XXX Figs

by janet on September 12th, 2007

I found this dessert at Tender Greens. I’m not a dessert digger ((Last weekend someone’s bitchy mom uttered the statement, “For someone who doesn’t like sweets, Janet sure ate a lot of cake.” Touché, bitchy mom, touché.)), but figs are amazing and I am obsessed with them.

First of all, they are very sexy. They’re all pear-shaped like a hot mama, and then you open them up and they are all pink and slippery and taste sooo sweet. I mean, Jezus.

Second of all, nothing, because the first point was good enough.

The dish above was syrup-poached figs with fresh whipped cream and caramel sauce. In the words of GOB, “COME ON!” The figs were slimy and gorgeous and completely decadent with the cream AND the caramel, which was just bitter enough to keep the dish refined. I forked-and-knifed my way through most of it, but the last fig I grabbed with my fingers, dredged through the caramel, twirled in the cream, and ate the whole thing in one big bite.

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