Bittersweet Cafe

by janet on September 14th, 2007

Right down the street from Á Côte is Bittersweet Cafe, a coffee shop and chocolatier. I’m not one to go apeshit for chocolate but this little mofo of a truffle got me. It has ruined all other truffles for me forever, as now I won’t be satisfied with chocolate, no matter how rich or velvety, unless the velvet is followed by a loooong, slow burn.

Bittersweet Cafe
5427 College Ave (in Rockridge area)
Oakland, CA 94618

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  1. Bobak says:

    Janet, have you been to Cafe Cacao (there’s an accent in there somewhere) in Berkeley? It’s adjacent to Scharffen Berger. Their pastries are pretty amazing fresh (though not so good if you get there late for brunch). It is predominantly chocolate based though, so maybe it’s not much of your thing. I’m still expecting you to invite me to these tastings someday. Preferably not some awkward romantic place.

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