Sushi Groove

by janet on September 23rd, 2007

Don’t you get concerned when a SUSHI restaurant doesn’t have air conditioning? I do.

Even if it’s the slick and stylish Sushi Groove in San Francisco. I met Carlton and Shimi there for my last night in SF. Warning: do not click on the link above, because they have the fucking slowest fucking loading website ever.

The highlight was definitely the asparagus pictured above. It was wrapped in prosciutto and with a squeeze of lemon was devastatingly good.

Carlton made our server chick choose an appetizer for us. I told him not to burden her with such a request, but she got all excited and practically yelled, “It’s not a burden!!!!” and recommended the deep-fried tofu. I usually like my tofu raw and cold as ice, but the dashi sauce was great and with a giant heap of oroshi it was very tasty. The deep-fried sweet potato on the outside leached out some of its own oil, which added to the mess and it was all very sloppy and hot and cold and yummy.

The sushi was run-of-the-mill delicousness with non-run-of-the-mill ingredients. The roll above had papaya inside, which I thought would have been spectacular if the papaya was ripe and sweet. As it wasn’t, it wasn’t.

When sushi is average, maintain the decadence by ordering a dessert that is always a slam dunk anywhere. So we did, in the form of some sort of banana concoction with ice cream. I would look up the exact description but since they have the SLOWEST FUCKING SLOW ASS MOTHERFUCKING WEBSITE it isn’t even worth it.

So, good service, great ambiance, GREAT cocktails (try the … well…I would tell you which one to try but since the website is MOFO SLOW I can’t tell you exactly which one it was – I’m still waiting for the sushi list to load), but no AC and only normal sushi. Still worth a night out, don’t you think?

Sushi Groove South
1516 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94107


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