Burger King: Day 1 on the Poverty Tour

by janet on October 3rd, 2007

Sooooo… I am on a new fellowship for the next two years of grad school…and I did my budget recently, and I discovered that BEFORE food, I have -$37.89 every month. So. Sad.

Janet: How am I going to keep up a FOOD blog if I have -$37???
James: -$38 if you round correctly. You can write a blog about eating cheaply.
Janet: [whining] I don’t want to write a fucking COOKING blog!

OK, so fine. I will have to somehow get by on my wit and wiles alone, with no help from cash. Sigh.

Alright. Up first is our trip to Burger King! WHEEEE! I actually love fast food. BK broils their burgers so they are super great. I decided to see how cheaply I could eat there.

Up first – the $1 Spicy Chick’n Crisp. I didn’t have enough cash for cheese so I didn’t get it. Sadded yet?

The thinness of the patty was actually good because it made the sandwich really crunchy. And if you have enough mayo, it kind of makes up for the lack of cheese, without tasting like cheese, if that makes sense.

Then – $1 CHEESY TOTS! “Hot, golden brown tots with cheese in the middle.” I think BK actually uses a very sharp cheese, so these were salty greasy crunch bombs of delight.

So. That’s it! Two bux is a great deal for getting all 2,000 of your daily calories in one meal, right?

Burger King

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  1. howie says:

    When I get tight on money, I usually turn to Vietnamese food. I think it has the highest quality-to-price ratio. For $5 you can get a bowl of pho, and if that’s too much, you can get a banh mi for $2.50.

    Those cheese tots actually look kind of good, like cheese curds.

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