by janet on October 8th, 2007

Oregonians. There isn’t much to do up there, and so every Oregonian I have met has been a crazy mutant champion bowler. Also, they come up with wacky drinks.

Oh, shit, I started this post all wrong. I was going to talk about zany Oregonians, and talk about how Simon and Eggroll learned a fun new drink called Chocobeer during their road trip up there. However, a quick confirmation phone call to Eggroll has made me realize that I am 100% wrong. First of all, I guess it’s actually called “Beer Float,” not Chocobeer. I wonder where I got that from. Second of all, Simon and Eggroll invented this drink on their own, and it had nothing whatsoever to do with Oregon.

Starting over.

Simon and Eggroll recently discovered this Double Chocolate Stout beer. In a whirlwind of drunken creativity, they decided to mix it with chocolate ice cream and created a delicious concoction that they christened “Beer Float.” Simon got so giddy that he texted me about it, and next time I went over to his house they were both bouncing around (Eggroll is usually NOT a bouncer) in excitement.

The difficulty level of this drink is one star. Simon simply filled a glass 3/4ths full with the beer, and then dumped a little less than two scoops of chocolate ice cream into it. The ice cream sank initially, and then once the beer underneath bubbled up, it shot to the top. “AWWW THAT’S THE BEST PART!!!!” screamed Simon and Eggroll, practically high-fiving. Very cute.

The two boys insisted that you can’t even taste the beer; that it’s just like a chocolate float. I however definitely tasted the bitterness of the beer cutting through. I think once you’ve had a gazillion drinks you could easily miss the bite of the beer and just be happy about the chocolatey bubbles. I know that I was very happy once this drink was inside of me.

3 Responses to “Chocobeer”

  1. Simon says:

    i think you may have tasted the beer because we kinda skimped on the chocolate ice cream portions, but maybe also, eggroll and i just don’t notice it as much anymore?

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