Original Del Taco: Barstow, CA

by janet on October 31st, 2007

In anticipation of our semi-annual Vegas trip, my pal Mini told me about a mythic Del Taco – the original Del Taco, purportedly in Barstow, that has secret menu items not attainable elsewhere, and giant-ized favorites like MY ultimate favorite, the Chicken Soft Taco (which is perfection!).


I could barely believe my ears. I HAD to go. James said there was no way it was true, but Mini told me that his friend with the expensive boobs said it was true, and that he had great faith in expensive boobs. After several confirmatory phone calls to said boobs, we got off at Outlet Center Drive in Barstow, turned left at the end of the exit, made a U-turn, and sped along the road towards the Del Taco….


OK, so the original original one is in Yermo, but all the Barstow locations have the special items.

Behold, the tostada, only available at Barstow locations. Photographic evidence. Eat that, James.

Behold, the carrot cake, only available at Barstow locations. James has been whining for carrot cake lately so this victory was especially sweet.

I didn’t want any of that shit, though. I wanted a gigantor-ified CHICKEN SOFT TACOOOOO!

But, I felt guilty not ordering something special so I ordered the Bun Taco, also only available in Barstow locations.

Eggroll ordered the tostada, which actually looked quite delicious. Don’t the tomatoes look so fresh?

Simon, on the other hand, ordered these lethal deluxe chili cheese fries, of which I partook and got an unfortunately large dollop of sour cream in my mouth, ewwwww.

And, finally – the BUN TACOOOO. It was, in a word, gross. It looks all benign, like it might be a sloppy joe or a regular burger with looser meat. (Your mom has loose meat.) However, the damn thing was all…weird…and tasted very very wrong.

I forced all of the boys to take a bite, and escaped having eaten only one bite. Mini finished it off, totally taking one for the team. (Later in this trip, Mini would be the first to puke, and then, the next night, he ended up puking AND having a bloody nose at the same time. Poor Mini, but LOL.)

Almost-Original Del Taco
In Barstow, near the outlets

5 Responses to “Original Del Taco: Barstow, CA”

  1. Brian says:

    I thought everyone knew about the Barstow Del Taco, or at least everyone who goes to Vegas. Yeah, they just somehow make everything bigger, or the rest of the Del Tacos just shrink everything. Long live the Barstow Del Taco!

  2. The Los says:

    All that and you didn’t order the frickin’ chicken soft taco?! Damn J! That Del Taco is the shit though and this coming from a Del Taco hater.

  3. Daniel says:

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  4. Alex says:


  5. JS says:

    The deluxe chili cheese fries are the best! Next time say you only want a lil sourcream!

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