Metro Cafe

by janet on January 12th, 2008

Why is it that the more you like something, the weirder you like it? I’m not talking just about sex. I’m talking about everything. People who are REALLY into music like weird atonal indie shit (ahem ahem). People who are REALLY into art are the ones who get excited about pieces like the one where that dude put a tiny speck of his poo on a white block. People who are REALLY into fashion always dress like freakazoids.

Actually, I absolutely love Jay McCarroll. But my point is, people who are REALLY into food are afflicted with this as well. Metro Cafe, therefore, is a foodie DREAM, because it is (a) Serbian food (weird) and (b) a cute restaurant housed in a freaking Travelodge (weeeeeird).

I went with Finni – she took me for my hatch day (thanks, Finni!). We both parked on the street which was dumb because you can just park in the Travelodge parking lot (major bonus!). The place was empty but a DJ was setting up so perhaps it was more hoppin’ later on…

Even though it was empty these three ol’ ladies decided to sit at the table IMMEDIATELY next to us. They were cute but were all up in our business the whole night. They asked us what we were ordering, whether we had been there before, how cute they thought my bag was, whether we also liked that they served unsalted butter (along with the above red pepper spread, which tasted good if bland) with the bread etc. etc. etc. Don’t get me started on the orgasm they had when I busted out my mini-tripod. “ARE YOU A FOOD CRITIC?!?!?” they gasped. I said no, that I was merely an amateur blogger, and immediately started talking to Finni so I didn’t have to explain what on earth a blog was.

The flagship dish seemed to be the chevapchichi, so I ordered it. I think these are “forcemeat sausages” which I have no idea what that means.

Let’s see. The potatoes were of course delish as they were fried, though the garlic-eyness was overkill if one were to truly eat all the raw onions proffered. The tomatoes were normal, if a bit crunchy. I dutifully ate the snausages with a dab of the red pepper mixture and a couple cubes from the bed of raw onions – definitely the best way to do it. The chevapchichi itself was texturally cool, because it was reaaaally chewy. They felt like they had a casing when they really didn’t. Strange. I was really enjoying the squishy middles until I happened upon a fairly raw-in-the-middle piece, which then made me worry that the squishiness was not intentional and instead jut plain raw O-157 goodness.

Finni ordered the goulash. I think if you are not bound to the rules of blogging (get the most unique dish on the menu so you can blog it) I would encourage everyone to get this. The beef was beautifully braised and deeply meaty-flavorful. And you’ve got to give it up for having a huge mound of fluffy mashed potatoes – the rice analog in a curry dish. This was so satisfying but I could see how you would get bored with the same taste over and over (which worked for me since I got to eat everything Finni left behind).

Also, both dishes needed more salt. I should have known from the get-go with the whole unsalted butter thing.

For dessert, the crepes. Colorless on the outside, but colorful on the inside. We had a Nutella crepe, a raspberry crepe, and a Nutella and raspberry combo crepe. I’m sure you could guess which one was the best, which makes me think they should just offer three of the combo.

In all, a great, quintessentially foodie experience. I hope the old ladies enjoyed their meal as much as we did. They BETTER have since they ordered exactly what we did…biters! (literally!)

Metro Cafe
Inside the Travelodge
11188 Washington Pl
Culver City, CA 90232

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  1. Liz says:

    Is it just me or does the goulash look really greasy?

  2. janet says:

    Just glisteny beautiful to me – direct overhead lighting, maybe?

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