Casa Sanchez

by janet on January 28th, 2008

It’s so hard for me to follow up a really fun post with a post on a totally “EH” resto, but whatever. Sighs and heres we goes.

When I have been traf-fucked by the 405, I use a path that takes me past Casa Sanchez on the way to James’ house. For many months, the both of us were like, “What is that place?” because it looks quite sleek and cute from the outside. We finally decided to go during my hatchday weekend.

We went at around 8pm, and were told that the first available table would be at TEN PM. Really? I didn’t realize Casa Sanchez was a THING. Luckily there was a table open in the bar, which was almost identical to a real table, so we jumped on that right quick.

I ordered a pomegranate margarita from the jolly server. I opened the menu to find my least favorite thing ever, which is expensive Mexican food. I mean, seriously, WHAT IS THE POINT of paying $16 for a burrito when you can get a mouth-orgasm from Tacos Por Favor for two bux?

However, I forgave them really quickly when they brought out a huge heapin’ bowl of FREE GUAC. Did you hear that? FREE GUACAMOLE. It was nothing compared to the silky sexy of Chipotle, but the pico de gallo had a really nice deep flavor so I totally approved.

I ordered a combinaciones of Tamal de Puerco O Pollo and an Enchilada De Pollo.

I ate all the veggies, though they were weird (not weird-tasting in itself, but just out of place here IMHO). The sauce on the enchilada tasted suspiciously of Ragu, and the ooze on the tamale tasted like nothing, which meant that there was just a textural ooze to the whole thing – not too pleasant.

Clearly people do not come here for the food (beyond the free guac). The multiple HUGE parties that were taking up the most space in the restaurant (I counted 6 parties of 20+ people, including one party labeled “Bank of America Holiday Party”) were there, apparently, for the entertainment, which was actually cool! They had a mariachi band – Mariachi Internacional Tapatio – which usually makes me groan and be uncomfortable, but this was more like a 14-or-so-person band at the front of the restaurant on a stage. They all took turns crooning and playing instruments and everyone was so talented and the whole thing was neat. One of them, in particular, was young and sort of cute and said, “Haha I don’t speak Spanish but here goes” and sang a boy-band-esque Spanish song which many of the older ladies loooooved (and he knew it).

Croonin’ and swoonin’ and margarootin’. Fun, if not yummy, times.

Casa Sanchez
4500 S. Centinela Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90066

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    Why do your pictures always come out so incredibly amazingly clear? it’s impressive considering your camera is just an average digital. Always keep that camera. It is perfect for your blog.

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