Magic Flute

by janet on January 29th, 2008

Tinx and I lost our opera virginity to The Magic Flute, and it wasn’t at band camp, baby.

It was at the Orange County Performing Arts Center, put on by Opera Pacific. We crawled at a pace of 15 mph in the pouring rain down the 405; me with no sleep, no food, no caffeine, and the whitest of white knuckles placed at 10 and 2.

It was great! Specifically, SHE was great.

Nicole “Aren’t I gorgeous?” Cabell was her name, and she was simply M-azing. Why aren’t more people named Pamina? Cutes! The famed Queen of the Night, played by Luz del Alba, was super good, too. She kicked all three versions on iTunes’ ladies motherfucking ass on that aria. (( I had no idea the lyrics to this most famous refrain were “Hey you better kill that priest or else I’m disowning your ass.” The music sounds so triumphant, airy, happy…)) I had no complaints, except that in general German is super unromantic as a language for a love opera. It’s all “Ish” this and “Ish” that. Oh, and also, Mozart sucks at constructing storylines.

Anyway, all of this is relevant to CM because of this gem I found in my research:

In Opera Pacific’s production of The Magic Flute, Papageno (role sung by Rod Gilfry) will eat a bite or two of a real chicken leg during Act II; we have placed a damp napkin in the food basket so he can wipe his fingers and continue singing.

To which I say (a) COOL!; and (b) that shit was chicken that he was eating? Actually, not even that. More like (b) oh, those were HUMANS moving around down there? I thought those were sentient grains of rice wiggling around. You see, we were in the top tier of the theatre, seemingly a dizzying mile above the stage. It was still a freaking STEAL at $30, and now I’m craving opera as if it’s guacamole.


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  1. tinks says:

    so true, the itunes versions suck!! she was piercingly, gorgeously awesome.

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