by janet on February 15th, 2008

There is a center, in Culver City, where there’s a Best Buy and a Bally’s and a Ralph’s and a Baja Fresh and a Panda? You know, at Venice and Overland?

There is also this Brazilian churrasco joint that James found on an earlier reconnaissance mission. It’s a serve-yourself-and-then-they-weigh-it kind of place. My blogger instincts (get as much of everything as you can!) ran counter to my cheapie instincts, so the picture below is my compromise.

All SORTS of yummy things, like fried yucca (cold, but basically like a mealier french fry), butter chicken (eh), some sort of salmon stew (too too fishy), delicious powdery stuff (I think cassava meal?) that I put on everything – it gave everything I ate a little OOMPH; good for vegetarians I think.

As for the churrasco, James got some classic skirt steak. I got lamb. See top.

Ever since I had that mini bite of Captain’s lamb burger, I have been completely turned onto lamb. This lamb, though, challenged my peristalsis musculature a bit. I persisted despite the slightly eerie texture (you can even see it in the picture at top – the meat texture is just like the fat texture ewwwww) and enjoyed the flavor. What a brilliant way to ensure that every piece you eat is an end piece! Truly!

The only thing I disliked about my meal was the dumbass Dad at the table next to us. He spent the whole time denigrating his daughter’s food selections, and kept saying, “SEEEEEE! You should have listened to me. I know the good stuff. If you listened to me and ate what I told you to, you’d be happier. Let this be a lesson to you that you should always listen when I tell you to get something, because I know what I’m talking about. If only you had listened, you’d be so much happier with your lunch.” Jesus, shut the fuck up, Mr. Dad. My advice to his daughter would be “Just keep doin’ what you’re doing, girlfriend. In one ear and out the other till you escape to college.”

Now – if only I could remember the stupid name of the restaurant…

In that one shopping center
@ Venice/Washington & Overland

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  1. finni (t-finni) says:

    I don’t trust Brazilian weigh-and-pay places. Oh wait, maybe it’s that I don’t trust Brazilian men who do Jiu-jitsu. I just got a flash back of my dating-only-martial-artists-phase. Anyways, I’m glad you were in my hood checking out our local eateries. Hopefully you didn’t get hit on by random sweaty guys coming out of Bally’s when you were there.

  2. finni (t-finni) says:

    Name of that joint: Pampas Grill

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